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Its with much regret we have decided to sell our Oxford Sandy & Black breeding stock. Our Farm Park Attraction is expanding this winter and we don’t have the space or time give them the attention they deserve. We feel it’s a great shame to let them go to waste and not breed as they have lovely characters and markings.

OXO – Alexander 246
Breeding Male
Registration number: R003266OS
Born: 28/02/2014 Current Age: 3 years 8 months
A little bit about OXO: We have had him for about a year, he’s a gentle giant and great with our girls and piglets/weaners who sneak into his pen to say hello.

Other stock available:
GINGER - Alison 50 - £350
In-Pig Sow
Registration number: R003051OS
Born: 06/04/2013 Current Age: 4 years 7 months
A little bit about Ginger: Ginger has been with us since a gilt. She has been a great addition to our small Tourist Farm Park and had no issues with us and select visitors handling her piglets. She went back in with OXO on 14/11/17 to be served to sell in-pig. You will notice from her breeding history that only 3 of her 9 piglets in 02/12/16 litter survived. This was due to our error with dates, she farrowed outside with OXO the boar and they sat on 6 before we could get to them. Other than this accident she has given us on average 10 piglets per litter and we have had some good examples from her and registered a few excellent pigs!

ALI - Alison - £200
Registration number: R004120OS
Born: 02/12/2016 Current Age: 11.5 months
A little bit about Ali: Ali is Gingers daughter. She has been brought up on the Farm Park being handled and petted by the public on a daily basis. She has an excellent temperament and lovely markings. PLEASE NOTE SHE IS OXO’S DAUGHTER SO CAN NOT BREED WITH HIM.

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Oxford Sandy & Black
Current Age
3 years
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