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  • Preloved Piano: John Broadwood & Sons

    Posted 17 March 2016 by Stuart

    Preloved member, Stuart, tells us all about an extremely rare and interesting item he has for sale on Preloved. Read more

  • Preloved Music on Vinyl

    Posted 18 February 2016 by Adele Gardner

    Could Preloved be the best place to buy second hand LPs online? We explore the vinyl resurgence, and talk to some of our Preloved members to find out what vinyl means to them. Read more

  • Upcycled Technology: Nixie Tube Clock

    Posted by Paul Parry

    Paul from Bad Dog Designs tells the Preloved community how we can reuse old Nixie tubes and turn them into exciting retro creations! Read more

  • Football programmes: 5 ways to spot a bargain

    Posted by Anthony “the Ginger Wig”

    Most football programmes are only worth a few pounds, however the world record fee for a football programme stands at £35,250! How then can you tell the good from the bad? Anthony “the Ginger Wig” from talks us through 5 ways to spot a bargain football programmes. Read more

  • World Cup Football Memorabilia on Preloved

    Posted by Tom Hodgson

    The World Cup is here! To celebrate this popular sporting event, we got one of our in house football fanatics to trail through the advert listings currently on site and see what World Cup delights they could find! Read more

  • Joga Bonito! World Cup Shirts with Preloved

    Posted by Preloved

    With the fantastic sporting tournament gracing our screens, getting into the World Cup spirit couldn't be possible without a classic world cup football shirt. See what you can find on Preloved! Read more

  • The World's WORST LP Covers Ever!

    Posted by Robin Ash

    Want to see The World's Top Ten Worst LP covers - from Lionel Blair in eye-wateringly tight shorts to 'chicks' in a JCB digger and a chap with a crossbow? check out our hilarious gallery of cringeworthy sleeves that got it so wrong! Read more

  • Growing Demand for Retro Gadgets - Games & Consoles

    Posted by Preloved

    While their blips and pixellated characters might seem crude today, a growing army of retro gamers think old-school games are as entertaining as ever. We find out why! Read more

  • Growing Demand for Retro Gadgets - Home Computers

    Posted by Preloved

    In the second part of our look at the gadgets and gizmos from the recent past, we reboot the home computer and explore how it came out of the workplace to take over the living space. Read more

  • Growing Demand for Retro Gadgets

    Posted by Preloved

    Retro gadgets are back in demand! If you've got an old Walkman, Sega Mega Drive or Sinclair ZX81 stashed in your attic perhaps it's time to dust it down for some old-school entertainment. In this first look at gear from days gone by, the Sony Walkman steps up. Read more

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