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Katcha Bilek | Upcycled Designer Bags

Posted 24 August 2014 by Liz Wheen

If you are looking for a truly unique fashion accessory that is responsibly sourced, then you should keep reading to find out more about this fantastic upcycling designer brand! [more]

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Ultimate Upcycling Challenge

Posted 23 August 2014 by Liz Wheen

Fancy having a go upcycling something this bank holiday this weekend? Share what you upcycle with us and you could WIN £200 to spend on your home and garden! [more]

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WiTHiNTENT - The Art of Upcycling Old Tents

Posted 21 August 2014 by Liz Wheen

We love all things second hand, but sometimes second hand items lose their original purpose by being broken and over used. Festival tents is a great example of just this! If you have ever been to a festival, you have probably witnessed the thousands of unwanted and destroyed tents left behind. Meet Kate and her very unique way of upcycling unwanted Glastonbury tents! [more]

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What is Upcycling and Why is it Important?

Posted 3 August 2014 by Megan McAuliffe

We all need to be more sustainable and an easy way to do this is to reduce the amount of waste we create in every day life. However, sometimes waste is inevitable and upcycling is a great way of re-using items that would usually go to landfill. We invited Preloved member and sustainable business writer Megan AcAuliffe to share her views on the importance on Upcycling. [more]

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5 Easy Ways to Reuse a Scarf at Home

Posted 2 August 2014 by Justine Dench

If you have a scarf you don't enjoy wearing anymore, have you considered using it in your home? Keep reading to find 5 really easy ways to repurpose an old scarf in your home! [more]

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DIY | Pompom Necklace Tutorial

Posted 1 August 2014 by Stephanie Hamer

We've handed the blog over to a Preloved member and designer/maker, Stephanie, to get inspired for summer DIY. Give your summer wardrobe a burst of colour with this simple necklace tutorial. [more]

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How To Upcycle Glass Bottles into Glass Tumblers

Posted 31 July 2014 by Liz Wheen

Don't throw away those glass bottles - upcycle them into some funky glass tumblers for you home instead! These quirky table glasses will cheer up your table setting instantly...go on, have a look to learn how to make them NOW! [more]

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Upcycling Furniture Ideas | Windsor Chair

Posted 14 July 2014 by Justine Dench

Save yourself some money and make a truly unique piece of furniture for your home by upcycling with Preloved. To show YOU how simple it is to do, one of our writers thought she would have a go! [more]

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Buying a Bike?

Posted 25 May 2014 by Tom Hodgson

If you are on the hunt for an easy way to get fit and an eco-friendly set of wheels, then buying a push-bike sounds like a must! However, finding the right bike for you can be confusing, so we caught up with ProBikeKit writer Tom Hodgson to give you a few hints and tips to make sure YOU can make the right choice. [more]

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On Yer Bike for some Vintage Cycling

Posted by Preloved

They might not give Sir Bradley Wiggins a run for his money, but growing numbers of vintage cyclists are hitting UK roads for some freewheeling fresh air and fun. We saddle up alongside Jo Waterhouse of the Worcester Vintage Cycling Club to find out more. [more]

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