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Katcha Bilek | Upcycled Designer Bags

Posted 24 August 2014 by Liz Wheen

If you are looking for a truly unique fashion accessory that is responsibly sourced, then you should keep reading to find out more about this fantastic upcycling designer brand! [more]

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Wimbledon Outfits from Preloved

Posted 27 June 2014 by Rachael Heslehurst

This year’s Wimbledon is all white everything – aside from the 1cm splash of colour thrown in for good measure. Tournament referee Andrew Jarrett has announced a clampdown on colour and insisted players’ outfits be punctuated with merely a centimetre of it. Boring? We don’t think so. Off the court and on the side-line, you can be as playful as you like, and even don a Venus Williams-esque attire if that’s how you roll. Here on Preloved, we bring to you the best second hand Wimbledon Outfits you could possibly dream up, cherry-picked by yours truly. Enjoy! [more]

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Unlock the value of your wardrobe. £4,000 – Deal or No Deal?

Posted 16 June 2014 by Love Your Clothes

Look after your clothes and you could save yourself some reasonable cash! We caught up with the money saving experts when it comes to clothes, Love Your Clothes, to learn more. [more]

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Budgeting for Your Big Day

Posted 30 May 2014 by Preloved

When it comes to making sure her Big Day doesn't break the bank, Preloved member, Cindy Almond, tells us how she sticks to a budget by bagging some second hand bargains [more]

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We Have a WINNER For Our Clothing Competition!

Posted by Preloved

If you placed a Clothing and Jewellery advert on Preloved between Friday the 11th April and Sunday 13th April, then you might have won £100 to spend on The be quick and check! [more]

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Top Tips for Spring Cleaning your Wardrobe

Posted by Justine Dench

With the signs of Spring blooming out in full, the excuse to go clothes shopping to renew our wardrobe has finally arrived! HOWEVER, we know that in order to Spring clean your wardrobe successful, careful planning is required. Here at Preloved we have gathered together some essential top tips for you to follow. [more]

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Spring Fashion for Less!

Posted by Claire Culley

To welcome the arrival of Spring, we thought we would get our in-house fashionista to do a round up of some her favourite styles this Spring, and how YOU can get the look on Preloved! [more]

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For a New Spring Look Go Vintage

Posted by Preloved

If you're planning to give your wardrobe a spring refresh, find out how vintage fashion offers timeless and quality sustainable style at the right price [more]

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Could you Ever (EVER!!) Sell your Wedding Dress?

Posted by Preloved

It's the biggest day of your life, and you want to keep the memories forever, so: could you EVER sell your wedding dress? "Yes!" said lots of Preloved members and newlyweds and told us why! [more]

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Thrifty Bride's Big Day on a Budget

Posted by Preloved

Thrifty bride Tessa Day was determined to have a wedding to remember without a price tag she'd rather forget! Buying secondhand helped her cut costs without cutting corners. [more]

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