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  • A Guide to Buying Your First Motorbike

    Posted by Matthew Pitts

    Considering buying your first motorbike? Read our buying advice for some useful hints and tips for buying your first motorbike from Preloved member Matthew Pitts. Read more

  • Advice for Buying a Secondhand Car

    Posted by Preloved

    Buying a secondhand car or motorcycle is a great way for keeping costs down, but you need to know what to look for and consider before agreeing a price - we show you how. Read more

  • A Brief History of the Harley-Davidson

    Posted by Preloved

    An unassailable icon of the open road was born in a small shed in Milwaukee. From its humble birthplace at the beginning of the 20th Century, the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Co quickly grew to produce motorbikes that have become lodged in the global consciousness as a byword for hitting the road for freedom and aesthetic design harnessed to sheer brute power. By 1907, young mechanics William Harley and Arthur Davidson had been joined in their nascent venture by Arthur's brothers, Walter and William, and moved out of their shed to a new purpose-built factory. Demand means the factory... Read more