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Preloved News

  • Fourth National Second Hand Day Celebrations

    Posted 24 April 2016 by Liv Serrage

    Our fourth National Second Hand Day is here, and we're celebrating in style! Read on to find out more! Read more

  • Delightful Surprise for Preloved Member

    Posted 1 April 2016 by Amy Lockley

    We’re always interested in hearing what our members are up to – especially where their animals are concerned! Read on to find out all about a Preloved member's delightful surprise. Read more

  • National Second Hand Day 2016

    Posted 8 March 2016 by Adele Gardner

    To celebrate National Second Hand day this year, we've got something exciting up our Preloved sleeves. Now in its fourth year, National Second Hand Day is a time to celebrate what second hand means to you. Read more

  • The Great Big Upcycled Design Competition - Preloved Champion!

    Posted 1 March 2016 by Olivia Serrage

    We've teamed up with Preloved Charity Members, Project UP to judge the UK's first ever interschool's upcycling competition. BUT, we need your help to pick a winner from these incredible entries! Can you help? Read more

  • Natural Blender Smoothie Revolution

    Posted 26 February 2016 by Preloved

    Read all about Natural Blender, a company that aim to bring you hassle-free smoothies. Read more

  • New Search Function on Preloved

    Posted 1 February 2016 by Preloved

    We've launched a new search function! Did you notice? Find out how to conduct the best search and learn about other cool on-site features! Read more

  • Game of Code 2016

    Posted 16 January 2016 by Wing Chan

    Do you know someone who's a budding programmer and would like to win £100,000? Read on to find out how they could do it with Game of Code 2016. Read more

  • Some of the Best Unwanted Presents on Preloved

    Posted 15 January 2016 by Adele Gardner

    As part of our #PrelovedBigSwap, here's a selection of some of the best unwanted gifts on site right now. You won't want to miss these... Read more

  • The #PrelovedBigSwap Is Well Underway!

    Posted 12 January 2016 by Liv Serrage

    Have you taken part in the #PrelovedBigSwap yet? There's plenty of Preloved treasure to be found... Read more

  • Love Preloved?

    Posted 5 January 2016 by Adele Gardner

    Did you know that we run a Write for Us scheme here at Preloved? We welcome our members to send in their stories, and we'll publish the best ones on the Preloved blog! Read more

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