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  • Stately Home Restoration: Saltmarshe Hall

    Posted 23 October 2015 by Kate Whyte

    Kate, the owner of Saltmarshe Hall, tells the Preloved community about her experience transforming a historic site into a home and a successful business. Read more

  • Britain's Stately Homes: Kirklinton Hall & Gardens

    Posted 10 October 2015 by Christopher Boyle QC

    Christopher Boyle QC, gives us a wonderful insight into life at Kirklinton Hall in the first in our 'Britain's Great Homes' series. Keep reading to find out more about this magical site. Read more

  • Finding a Property to Renovate

    Posted 18 August 2015 by Sam Dale at Property Renovate

    Looking to buy a new property but not quite able to afford your dream home? Sometimes, finding what would have once been your dream home, and restoring it to it's former glory is the only option. However, finding the right property can be a daunting prospect. Do not fear, Property Renovate are here to help you get started in your property renovation journey. Read more

  • How Your Credit Score Can Affect Your Mortgage

    Posted by Darren Beach

    Applying for a mortgage can be nerve racking at the best of times, but not least when your credit score stops the process in it's tracks. We caught up with Experian Blogger Darren Beach on the importance of your credit score when applying for a mortgage so you can prepare yourself! Read more

  • Law-Match | Advice When Finding a Property Lawyer

    Posted by Law-Match

    Buying a house is stressful enough, without knowing how to find the best property solicitor for you. We caught up with Law-Match to give you some guidance on what to look for when hunting for a property lawyer. Read more

  • Open House Month Has Been Extended!

    Posted by Preloved

    For the whole of April we lifted the usual membership fees to give YOU the opportunity to save money when moving home...well, we didn't feel one month was enough. Find out more NOW! Read more

  • Preloved's Perfect Properties

    Posted by Preloved

    There's a vast range of perfect properties for sale on Preloved - from romantic hideaways to sun-drenched overseas villas. We show you around a few of our favourites currently for sale. Read more

  • Our Mission to be your Perfect Property Partner

    Posted by Preloved

    We're making it our mission to be your perfect property partner - the UK's BEST PLACE to get selling, buying and renting properties for FREE! Read more

  • HIPs are History

    Posted by Preloved

    Great news for people selling their house privately on Preloved or through an estate agent. As of today the Home Information Pack is no longer required, removing what many people felt was an unnecessary burden on house sellers. Read more