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  • Second Hand Golf Clubs and Accessories

    Posted by Nicola Semple

    Every day on Preloved, there are almost 2000 adverts for second hand golf clubs and accessories, which means you can get started playing golf at little cost. Read more

  • Second Hand Sports Equipment

    Posted by Nicola Semple

    Get outside and discover your favourite sport this summer - if you don't already have one that is! We have second hand sports equipment across the Preloved site for bargain prices. Read more

  • Wimbledon 2014

    Posted by Nicola Semple

    It's the strawberries and cream season once again. We've done a rundown of all of the UK's victories since the beginning of Wimbledon and have gathered some ideas of how you can make the most of the tennis season! Read more

  • World Cup Football Memorabilia on Preloved

    Posted by Tom Hodgson

    The World Cup is here! To celebrate this popular sporting event, we got one of our in house football fanatics to trail through the advert listings currently on site and see what World Cup delights they could find! Read more

  • Joga Bonito! World Cup Shirts with Preloved

    Posted by Thomas Pitts

    With the fantastic sporting tournament gracing our screens, getting into the World Cup spirit couldn't be possible without a classic world cup football shirt. See what you can find on Preloved! Read more

  • Unusual Sports | Water Sport Holidays

    Posted by Nicola Semple

    Waterskiing, surfing, sailing - whatever the water sport, water sport holidays have it all and let you learn along the way. Read more

  • Second Hand Water Sports

    Posted by Nicola Semple

    Sunshine, fresh air and cold water spraying on your face! Whether you’re already acquainted with water sports, or a complete newbie, participating in any water sports requires careful preparation and the right equipment for the perfect experience. We have a guide to help YOU with the most important things to consider when purchasing your gear. Read more

  • Easy Sports You Can Do For Free

    Posted by Nicola Semple

    It can often feel like there are too many obstacles to make time for yourself, especially to make time for your own fitness. If you don’t have the time, you don’t want to leave the house or would rather not spend too much money, we have some tips that might make your fitness regime a little simpler – and cheaper! Read more

  • Save Money with a Secondhand Spring Clean

    Posted by Preloved

    Spring is coming (about time, right?!), so you can finally banish the dark days of winter by really blasting off the cobwebs with a money saving, secondhand spring clean for your life and home! And we’re here to show you how. Read more