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Best City Breaks

Posted 6 June 2014 by Nicola Semple

With busier lives than ever, long holidays lying on the beach are a thing of the past. There are an endless amount of places to visit, each with its own unique tastes, smells and sights, but where is the time? City breaks are the perfect way to experience all the beautiful and interesting sights the world has to offer. [more]

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Rent a Holiday Home on Preloved

Posted 6 June 2014 by Nicola Semple

On Preloved there are all kinds of holiday homes available for you to rent. From England to Wales, Jamaica to Spain, you can book the perfect holiday, right here on Preloved! [more]

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Holiday Essentials

Posted 6 June 2014 by Rachael Heslehurst

It’s that time of year again! For now, forget about achieving that bikini bod, the real important thing here is cracking the necessities you’ll need for your trip. No need to fret, though, here at Preloved we’ve put together the top ten holiday check list. Enjoy! [more]

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