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Frugal Fashion for Spring 2013

Posted by Claire Culley

It may not feel like it just yet, but the daffodils have sprung and spring is on its way. Following on from Fashion Weeks all around the world, everyone is talking about spring’s hottest trends, and magazines are jam-packed with what we’ll be wearing over the next few months. In the spirit of all things Preloved and with thrift on my mind, I am here to give you guys and gals the lowdown on this season's hottest looks and where you can go to get them for less.

First up are the ladies. Women’s fashion changes so much that it’s hard to keep up with what’s hot and what’s not. There’s also so many different trends and varieties out there that it’s become a bit of a minefield. That said, I have chosen what I think are the most flattering, easy to wear and, most importantly, purse string-savvy trends for Spring 13.

Right Stripes 

Stripes are always a big deal as soon as the sun comes out. Whether it’s a stripy top and shorts combo or a stripy dress, but this season we have monochrome, which is stripes on a whole other level. We’re talking block colours, thicker stripes or black and white patterns. The image (right) has a slightly Beetle Juice vibe à la 1988, but if styled out correctly, like this Warehouse pair have been, then it’s definitely one to add to the collection.

If this is slightly too bold for you, check out some other easy-to-wear monochrome pieces found right here on Preloved. Here's four examples of monochrome items which can give you the look for a whole lot less.


Go Green

Emerald green is the pantone of 2013, and was even named so by Pantone themselves. It’s the top colour for fashion, beauty and interiors this year. This plush colour is nice and warm so very easy to wear with all skin tones. Dresses, like the one from House of Fraser (right), are a perfect twist for something a bit brighter to wear at the office, or why not accessorize with some green accessories, perhaps a nice scarf or some jewellery?

And why not find some of Preloved’s emerald gems here that will have your friends green with envy at the bargain prices!


Granny Chic

Think of your gran's handbag, and that’s basically the main inspiration for this trend - granny chic at its best! High street shops like River Island has designed theirs in key pastel colours, like this yellow one on the right, but there’s nothing wrong with a bit of old school and sticking to trad leather.

The great thing about this trend is you’ll probably find your mum/aunty/gran has about five of these hidden away at the back of their wardrobes!

If not, you’ll find plenty to choose from at your local charity shop or there's bags of examples right here on Preloved.


Friend and Faux

Leather jackets have always been popular no matter what the era. They are an ideal way to harden up a girly ensemble and make it a bit more edgy. Faux leather has now started to widen its horizons, though, and is now being developed into skirts, trousers and dresses.

This M&S one (left) is the perfect example of how to wear faux leather this season.

That said, if it’s a bit too much on the pricey side for you, why not dig out your old leather jacket or take a trip to a thrift store where you will find them in abundance? There's also some nice shiny examples on Preloved - just perfect for getting you in a lather about leather this season. Take a look at this selection. 


Let's Hear it for The Boys

Next up we have the guys. Men’s fashion can sometimes get overlooked, but with male fashion retailers consistently on the rise, it seems you guys are starting to take an interest in fashion trends and quite rightly so, I think! With a combined rise in an interest in vintage fashion, too, super stylish men are hitting our streets and revelling in bagging some bargains, too. Here are my top tips for men's style this spring

Shorts that Suit

Any man reading this might think this is a bit too far-fetched, but it really is the perfect solution to stuffy summer offices and it’s stylish to boot. This trend has been kicking around for a while but it’s set to be the most popular male trend of the year, and if worn correctly is a very cool look.

Tailored suit shorts worn just below or on the knee with a blazer and brogues is definitely the way to go, or why not try a more relaxed look like this outfit from House of Fraser (right)?

These types of shorts can easily be bought secondhand and we have some here on Preloved that are cut-down in price but in no way short on style.


Commanding Bombers

Inspired by Ivy League style, bomber jackets are back! In the 80s and early 90s everyone had a bomber jacket and now with a nod to an American twist, bombers and baseball jackets are a key piece for the season.

With Ryan Gosling sporting one in blockbuster hit Drive, alongside them being so popular at London Fashion Week it won’t be long before they start gracing our high streets.

Be style-savvy with this one though, guys. You can't find a much cooler example (and more authentic) than buying one secondhand. That said, Matalan have some coming up in their new collection which are very affordable.

But if you want that lived-in-look, there's lots of jackets on Preloved that have bags of style, but don't cost a bomb! Check out this selection.


The Future's Bright

Brights are key this season, too.

Think neon if you want to really be on trend, but if fluros really aren’t your thing just go for an accent of bright colour in your outfit. It’s a really good way to stand out from the crowd and mix it up a bit.

These trousers from Debenhams (right) show how a normal style of trouser can be brought to life with an injection of colour.

You can also stay on trend with some serious secondhand savings with this selection from Preloved.


Get Your Skates On

For a more casual, easy-to-wear look, this skater style might be right up your street. Mix up airtex t-shirts, oversized check shirts and cut off jeans for a slightly 90’s grungy look.

Layering is key here, so double up on your t-shirts. Perfect for a lazy weekend!

Pick up some great coloured airtexs from F&F (left) this season or why not go to your local vintage stores and dig out some in some bright colours and tick two trends off the list at the same time?

There's some great skater-style tees and shirts on Preloved, like this selection here.


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