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Things to do with Dad on Father's Day

Posted by Nicola Semple

As you get older, the toast, tea and newspaper routine isn't going to quite cut it. But, saying that, you should always start the day right with your dad's favourite breakfast and a brew. Take it to him after he's had a well deserved lie-in! Then, have things planned for the rest of the day to really make the most of it!

Book About Dad

Buy a blank scrapbook and gather all your favourite pictures of you and your dad. Sit down while your dad eats his breakfast and talk to him about all your favourite memories. See if he remembers funny stories from your childhood, or has any memories of his own.

King for a Day

Ask your dad to list everything he really loves to do and plan the day around this. Give him control over the remote. Let him do the food shopping list. Let him call his dressing gown his house coat without any repercussions - it's the little things!

Family Gathering

Organise a gathering so everyone can get together to celebrate dad. If the weather is good have a BBQ in the garden, or go to your dad's favourite place for a picnic.

DIY Bonding

Has dad been pushing you to help him out with some DIY for a while? Go for it! Get a few beers in, safety goggles on and get to work! It can be a real bonding experience. There'll be moments when you know he's doing it wrong, but it's fine! It's Father's Day and it's your chance to make him feel like he's doing a really good job! You never know, he may surprise you!

Make Your Own Beer

Make your own beer kits are easy to get hold of, we even have them on Preloved.

Experience days

If you don't fancy waiting for your own beer to brew, why not take your dad to a beer tasting? You get to try something new, but without any of the effort of making it yourself!

If he's not a fan of beer, a driving experience will help blow off some steam!

Tickets to His Favourite Sporting Event or Music Gig

Whether he's a football fanatic or an old school rocker, our Preloved sellers list all kinds of events tickets for sale. Have a browse through our What's On category and see if there's anything that your dad would love.

Three Course Home Cooked Meal

There's no better end to the day than a three course meal of all your favourite foods. If he's a self-proclaimed carnivore, a slow cooker is ideal if you have other plans for the rest of the day. Just throw your recipe together and leave it to cook while you're out!

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