Find Your Own National Trust Winter Wonderland

If you want to get away from the maddening crowd this weekend, why not get back in touch with nature? There's something very special about country walks in the colder months, with wellies and a woolly hat. Take a thermos with you and have pit stops while the dog round around sending crunchy leaves flying everywhere. Here's what the National Trust recommends.

2016-11-25 00:00:35By National Trust

Hints & Tips

How to Attract Bees to Your Garden

It is a common misconception that by having “flowers” one will automatically attract the right kind of insects to one’s garden. Different insects require different types of flower to survive. Keep on reading to discover which flowers are suitable to cater to bees.

2016-07-23 17:20:35By Natalie Reynolds

Hints & Tips

How to Attract Butterflies to Your Garden

In recent years experts have seen a decline in numbers of butterflies and moths, so here at Preloved we want to educate our readers on what plants are ideal to help out these fluttery insects.

2016-07-21 17:18:05By Natalie Reynolds


How to Attract Wildlife to Your Garden

It doesn’t matter if your garden is small, rented, paved over or you don’t even have a garden. There is always a way! Here are some ideas to get inspired, we certainly are!

2016-07-20 17:08:21By Natalie Reynolds


Inspiration: Bug Hotel

We need insects in our lives in order to maintain the ecosystem and bug hotels have come to be part of the garden aesthetic, so we have put together some DIY hotels you can make yourself!

2016-07-18 16:42:04By Natalie Reynolds

Preloved News

Big Butterfly Count 2016

Launched in 2010, the Big Butterfly Count has rapidly become the wold’s biggest survey of butterflies. Read on to find out more about this year's Big Butterfly Count!

2016-07-15 16:16:05By Natalie Reynolds


RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

On the 30th and 31st January, the RSPB are holding their annual Big Garden Birdwatch. The event is more than just fun for all the family, as the data collected is very important. Read on to find out how you can get involved this year!

2016-01-13 09:46:45By RSPB

Hints & Tips

Dangers of Chinese Lanters

This New Year, we're urged not to light Chinese sky lanterns as they pose a threat to animals and wildlife. Read on to find out more.

2015-12-31 15:38:43By Adele Gardner