Advert Description

Hello and welcome to Helen's happy hens
I have the following breeds of hatching eggs for sale
These are:
Lavender Araucana LF
Black Minorca LF
Columbian Wyandotte Bantam
Crested cream Legbar LF
barnvelder LF
Vorwerk LF
Gold pencilled Hamburg Bantam
Lakenvelder LF
Mottled leghorn LF
Norfolk grey LF
Silver spangled Hamburg LF
Welsummer LF
speckled Sussex LF
buff Sussex Bantam
Millfluer Pekin Bantams
Blue Orpington LF
Lemon Pyle brahma LF
Blue laced Wyandotte bantam
Red Pyle brahma bantam
Silver laced Wyandotte bantam
Chocolate Wyandotte bantam
White Pekins bantam
Buff laced Wyandotte bantam
These are all hatching eggs chicks and chickens available sometimes
All eggs are £5 for 6 eggs and postage is £5.50 first class and collection is welcome, payment is through PayPal only
Any questions please contact me

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Current Age
13 months