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Livestock List Currently Available In The Shop! From 16th May 2018
Corn Snakes:
2017 Cinder
2017 Butters
Sub-Adult Hypo Male
Adult Amel Female

Royal Pythons:
2017 Normals Females
2017 Normal 66% Possible Het Pied Males Females
2017 Pinstripe Male
2017 Dreambee (Orange Dream Spider) Female
2017 Pinstripe 50% Possible Het Desert Ghost Male
2017 Orange Dream Males
Pastel Yellow Belly OR Gravel Male Female
Sub-Adult/Adult Normal Males
Adult Normal Females (Proven Breeders)
Leopard Spider Possible Het Pied (Proven Breeder) Male
2017 GHI Female
2017 Leopard Pastel Possible Het Pied (sold to us as 100% Het Pied but we are unable to guarantee this ourselves so are listing him as a Possible Het) Male
2016 Normal 100% Double Het Albino Clown Female
Coral Glow Pastel Het Red Axanthic (Approx 300g)
Enchi Het Pied Adult Male
Phantom Spider Goblin Adult Male (Proven Breeder) (Goblin is Ralph Davis line of Yellow Belly)
Pastel Albino 100% Het Pied Male (Approx 600g – Breedable size)
Super Phantom Possible Yellow Belly Male (Breeder Size)
Hidden Gene Woma Granite Female (Approx 270g)
Banana 100% Het Clown Male (Approx 230g)
Super Cinnamon Pastel Female (Silver Bullet) (Approx 400g)
Citrus Queenbee Female (Citrus Pastel Lesser Spider) (Approx 660g)
Cinnamon Female (Approx 1290g)
Breeder Size Phantom Males x 2
Adult Proven Breeder Pastel Female
Adult Proven Breeder Spider Female
Jigsaw (Mojave Pinstripe) Breeder Size Male
Pastel Breeder Size Male
Spider Poss Het VPI Axanthic Breeder Size Male (has come in as 100% het, however as this is not bred by ourselves, or from a supplier we cannot guarantee het)

Other Pythons & Boas:
2017 Columbian Rainbow Boas
2017 Brazilian Rainbow Boas
Macklots Python Male (Approx 2.5ft-3ft)
2017 Tiger 100% Het Purple Albino Reticulated Python Male
2018 Motley Sun Tiger 66% Possible Het Albino Reticulated Python Female
Tiger x Jampea Reticulated Python (Approx 9ft)
2014 Caramel Zebra Male
Common Boa Female
2018 Albino Phantom Reticulated Pythons (Ready Soon)
Adult Common Boa Possible Het Albino
Adult Burmese Python Male (Approx 10ft)

Kings & Milk Snakes:
Sub Adult Desert King Snake Male

Miscellaneous Snakes:
2016 Normal Possible Het Albino Western Hognose Males Females
2016 Anaconda Possible Het Albino Western Hognose Males
2018 Normals & Anacondas Possible Het Albinos (Both Sexes, Just Hatched, Ready Soon!)
Toffeebelly Western Hognose Male Proven Breeder
Normal 100% Het Caramel Western Hognose Male Female
2017 Aesculapian Snake
2017 Japanese Rat Snake

2017 Normal Leopard Geckos
2017 Super Hypo / Super Hypo Tangerine Carrot Tail Baldy Leopard Geckos
2017 Giant Madagascan Day Gecko
2017 Panther Chameleon (Ambilobe x Nosy Be Ambilobe) Females
Brown Anoles
Tokay Geckos
Male Oriental Garden Lizard
Baby Water Dragon
Sudan Plated Lizard

Green Horned Frogs
Peppermint Horned Frog
Blue & Black Dart Frogs
Red Eye Tree Frogs

Awaiting Stock

Flame Rump Tree Spider (Thrixopelma ockerti)
Mexican Red Rump (Brachypelma vagans)
Kobal Spien Earth Tiger (Chilobrachys sp)

Juveniles/ Sub-Adults:
White Striped Bird Eater (Nhandu chromatus)
Eastern Horned Baboon (Ceratogyrus darlingi)
Pygmy Fire Leg (Kochiana brunnipes)
Sri Lanken Ornamental (Poecilotheria fasciata)

Asian Jungle Scorpions (Heterometrus spinifer)
Large Claw / Israeli Gold Scorpion (Scorpio Maurus)

Chocolate Banded Millipede Babies
Juvenile Six Eyed Sand Spiders (Sicarius terrosus)
Madagascan Ringed Millipedes (Aphistogoniulus polleni)
Giant African Millipedes (Archispirostreptus gigas)
Giant African Land Snails

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