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2 Uncommon and Unique Silver Charcoal Bengal Boys are Available as a Top Quality Pet. Born on the 10th of January, ready by 10th April onwards. Now open for enquiries and reservations. Price starts at £1000.

We were lucky to have bred 6 Silver Charcoals in 2017 and these two boys are the first for 2018. The girl in this litter is now reserved with Breeding Rights £1750.

These boys makes us stop and stare at their rare pattern and colour. Their striking facial markings and cape makes them amazingly jaw dropping special. Their markings are like ghostly painted on their silvery grey silk coat canvass with pearl dust like glitter all over! They are semi Black Panthers having half of the melanistic and the Asian Leopard agouti genes!

These two eats like a horse! The best way to these silver charcoals heart is through their stomach! A very good indicator that they will Be Big! They are not picky at all. They live their raw diet: Chicken, beef chunks and heart, to day old chicks!
Always alert, attentive and ready for play! Very easy to please too with toys: Loves my shoe laces, crisp packets, sticks and strings!
Born and raised indoors with lots of socialisation, interactive play and desensitisation techniques to prepare them to their new homes.
Will you be one of the next proud pet owner of a silver charcoal bengal?
Please feel free to get in touch with us for videos and more details.

Please enquire on Active Register, one of the boys or one of our Silver Girls maybe released with Breeding Rights only to an approved pre screened small home based breeding programme.

The boys will Be Neutered as pets before homing.

Below are all included in the Pricing and what to expect from our Bengal Kittens:

a) A well Socialised and Litter trained Bengal. Your bengal is handled at an early age, we can’t help it. Raised and Nurtured in our home with lots of cuddles and play.

b) A Vet Checked Bengal. Your bengal will be vaccinated & health assessed at age 9 weeks and 12 weeks, a week before your Bengal is ready to leave from 13 weeks onwards.

c) A Vaccinated Bengal. Your Bengal is Vaccinated For the active immunisation against feline panleucopaenia virus (FPLV), feline herpes virus (FHV) and feline calicivirus (FCV). Vaccination will reduce clinical signs caused by infection with FHV and FCV; reduce replication of FCV, and prevent shedding of FPLV. Your bengal will receive its 1st Vaccination at age 9 weeks followed by a Booster jab at 3-4 weeks after. Next Vaccination will be after a year.

d) A Health/Vaccination Booklet Record will be provided. This will contain your bengals signed vaccination dates and next due. We also note here the Date/Brand of the Preventative Parasitic Control Measure we have given yo your Bengal.

e) A Treated Bengal against Parasites: We use Panacur Paste, Baycox (if necessary), Milbemax, Stronghold or Advocate. This will treat the following Parasites: Giardia, Coccidia, Hookworm, Lungworm, Roundworm, Tapeworm (Taenia), Whipworm, heartworm, flea and ear mites.

f) A Microchipped Bengal. As a responsible breeder and the First recorded keeper, all our Bengals leaving us are microchipped. Your Bengal will be Registered on Pet Log

g) A Pet Log Transfer of Ownership Form/Code. You will be given a Transfer of Ownership Code for you to follow being one of your legal obligations.

h) An Insured Bengal.
As an extension of support, we will activate an Insurance Policy for your Bengal with Petplan for 4 weeks so you can take a back seat and enjoy a wide range of benefits for your ‘four legged Bengal friend’ in his tender age.

Your Bengal is covered with the following:
? Up to £4,000 veterinary fees for illness and injury
? Up to £750 for loss by theft or straying
? Up to £750 for death from illness or injury
? Up to £200 for advertising and reward if the puppy/kitten is lost or stolen
i. A TICA Registered Bengal. You will be provided with
•TICA Litter Registration Certificate showing your Bengal’s Date of Birth, Parents Name etc.
•TICA Breeder Slip: if breeding rights is agreed and permitted. Otherwise, this document will be held until proof of Neuter.
On occasions where the Bengal has already been Neutered, this document will be released.

J. A Full Pedigree Bengal. We are TICA Registered and all our Bengals are full Pedigree of the Breed. .

K. A Complimentary Kitten Pack. You and your Bengal will also receive:
a) Kitten Guide Booklet and Royal Canin Food Vouchers
b) Natural Instinct Raw Food: to take home.
c) BreederCelect Paper Based litter Pellets to take home.
d) Other literatures and vouchers available at the time.

L. A Sales Contract. These are the Terms and Conditions of the Sales of the Bengal. This will be discussed in details through out our communications before buying your Bengal Cat/Kitten where The Purchaser and The Breeder’s Responsibilities and Obligations will be stated and agreed.
And above all, an agreement to Protect and Care for your Bengal following The Code of Practice for the Welfare of cats set by Animal Welfare Act of 2016.

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Vaccinated For the active immunisation against feline panleucopaenia virus (FPLV), feline herpes virus (FHV) and feline calicivirus (FCV). Vaccination will reduce clinical signs caused by infection with FHV and FCV; reduce replication of FCV, and prevent
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