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Norman is a 3-4 year old approx Staffordshire bull terrier. He is a energetic lad and needs a home that can give him exercise and mental stimulation as well as lots of fuss! Norman is a loving boy and just wants a back scratch and a cuddle. He can be a little boisterous and goes on two legs to get a treat or toy when he gets impatient with sitting but further training from an understanding owner will help this. Further training is recommended as Norman only knows sit currently but has potential to learn lots more once his energy has been channeled. He is not dog friendly but can walk on lead with other on lead dogs. Norman would like a cat and dog free home and can be housed with children who are comfortable with dogs ages 7+. He is a classic staffie and has a pure heart which powers is staffie smile. He is neutered and crate trained. We are unsure on his house training but he has been clean in his crate at the rescue.
Can you offer this bundle of joy a new loving home? Please get in touch if you would like to meet Norman or have any questions

Adoption process:
.If you are interested in viewing a dog then please message or call to arrange a day to come along to the rescue. If you're not sure which dog you would like to see then just ask, tell us what you're looking for eg. If you have another dog, age of children (we do not have a minimum age), activity requirements (active, lazy), how long the dog will be left alone (we do ask that if it is anymore than 6-7 hours then someone must come in between to check on the dog and let them out and give them some company. Just let us know what your lifestyle is and we will tell you which dogs may be suited to you.
.After a meet up with Jan and the dog at the rescue and if you decide that you would like to adopt and Jan agrees then you will arrange a day for Jan to come round for a home check/ deliver the dog to you. You don't need to decide on the day and can of course have a think about it as it's not a decision to rush.
. If there are many people interested in a dog then it is NOT first come first served. We will meet as many people as possible and then choose which would be best for the dog so please do not be disheartened if this is the situation
.A donation of £150-£200 is required to cover the cost of neutering
. ongoing support is always provided if needed
. if at any time the dog cannot be kept it must be returned to the rescue
. All of our dogs are neutered and microchipped. Dogs under 14 months will need to be briefly returned to be neutered once they are old enough

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