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x5obt 3cm /4cm slings( petrinochilus murinus £4.00 (rcf)

x5 salmon pinks (lasiodora parachybana) 5-7cm £13

x2 feather leg baboons ( stromatopelma calceatum) sub adult females £25 each.

X1 Salem ornamental ( Poecilotheria Formosa ) adult female £35

X1 Poecilotheria fasciata (sri lanken ornamental) adult female £40

X1Poecilotheria fasciata (sri lanken ornamental) sub adult female £30

X7 Poecilotheria subfusca (lowland ornamental ) 7cm-10cm £25

X1 sub adult female Venezuelan suntiger (psalmopeus irminiai)£35

X1 adult female Venezuelan suntiger £40

X3 Cambodian earthtiger sp ,Cambodia 5/8cm unsexed £15

X5 Gaint white knee ( Acanthoscurria geniculata) 6/7cm sexed females £25 each

X5King baboon (pelinobius muticus)1.5cm £7 each each

X10 Curly hair (b,albopilosum) 2cm £3 each

X5 east horned baboon( ceratogyrus darlingi )£4 each

X10 Red rump ( b vagans) 3.5cm £6 each

X10 Costa Rican red ( brachypelma sp. angustum) £4 each

X1 red stripe pink toe ( avicularia miriatrix ) sexed female £65

X1 pair Mexican fire legs ( brachypelma boehmei ) both adult male will mature nex moult £80

X1 adult female true curly hair ( brachypelma albopilosum ) £45

X1 adult female chilobrachy sp.prachuap khiri Khan (unknown common name) £35

Sorry because really high demand for me to keep spider bck an then get let down I have to ask for 10 % of your purchase regards Dave an Stacey ????????????
payment made to PayPal an will be sent by Royal Mail special next day delivery before 1pm £8.50 post ( all for £900 )

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Private Advert
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14 months