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"Finished"!, its taken many hours but finally done, a great western steam shunt locomotive !, probably not accurate but " hey" i ,m not botherd !, considering it started out as an old gas cylinder and sheet steel off cutts, plus nuts , bolts, now its primariley a "wood burner" but has so many other uses !, lndoor/outdoor orniament, plant holder, item holder etc, now the burner when lit , the smoke will come out of the funnel and the small door on the cylinder inside the cab will draw in oxygen to fuel the fire, but also glow just as a real firebox does !, its heavy as well, the burner viewer has a mesh cover for safety, you fuel the fire by putting in wood from the front part of the cylinder, i suppose i could now make more because ive made "jigs" as i was making this one ! , no more measuring lol, also made templates as well. I think i could make them ( just the basics), no painting, a little , slightly difference, so to keep cost, price down and let the buyer paint it themselves !( just a thought), the paint to fully paint it, including stove paint is around 35 - 40 £, now if its used outside , because its a steel construction, as used as a burner " recommend" covering when not in use, or storeing in a dry place.can also be an indoor/outdoor orniament, flower holder, decorative piece for indoors, holding small items

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