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The Sherpa mini skid steer is compact, multi-functional and extremely manoeuvrable. The versatile mini skid steer can push, load and carry materials to the required location, reducing a heavy work load significantly and efficiently.

The Mini Skid Steer also known as a mini loader, compact loader or mini skid steer loader offers multiple advantages for landscapers and builders thanks to its reduced size and attachments. This small skid steer can carry a range of tasks with just one operator reducing labour costs and improving efficiency on the job site. Suitable for equestrian, farming, landscaping, gardening, construction and demolition applications, the mini skid steer has a multitude of uses. This compact mini skid steer will work in tight spots where previously, due to space restrictions, work such as loading, unloading material, filling and excavating, would have been done manually.

?The mini skid steer can access the inside of buildings, areas between houses built close together and backyard gates and fences, making this machine the perfect alternative to a large excavator for tasks such as digging under structures where overhead clearance is limited. We offer a mini skid steer range with petrol or diesel fuel options for convenience of use. Mini skid steer attachments such as augers, hydraulic breakers, forks, buckets and more are available to tailor specific requirements.
There are 6 mini skid steer models available: Eco, Narrow, Agri, Diesel, EHD and Standard Petrol

Mini Skid Steer Uses Include:

Lawn and Garden: Use the mini skid steer for tasks such as clearing and levelling the ground for planting, removing trees and shrubs, digging holes, placing and removing concrete tiles, paving projects and more.
Equestrian: These mini skid steer loaders are perfect for riding schools, cowsheds and jobs such as mucking out stables and for carrying and transporting manure, straw or feed.
Landscaping: Clear, level and grade areas for paving or applying concrete or asphalt to walkways or driveways with a mini skid steer.
Farming: These mini skid steer loaders will haul soil, fertiliser, feed and other materials. The mini skid steer has attachments which are very useful for setting fence posts. Excess water from the farm can be quickly removed and discarded with our mini skid steer.
Construction: Building materials can be moved with the mini skid steer to and around the work site and any rubble and debris transported and disposed of safely.
Demolition: The compact mini skid steer is essential in demolition projects for easily and safely removing, transporting and unloading debris.

Mini Skid Steer 100 AGRI model
The mini skid steer 100 AGRI is a compact and extremely manoeuvrable machine, perfect for the farming and equestrian sectors. Riding schools, cowsheds and farmers can use this multi-functional mini skid steer loaders for many different jobs such as mucking out stables and transporting soil, straw or feed.
This efficient mini skid steer model is only 76 cm wide which makes it suitable for access to tight and narrow areas and because of its manoeuvrability it will reduce the work load considerably, making the otherwise heavy tasks, more enjoyable.

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