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Quality Pure Whie Fantail Doves.

I have for sale White Fantail Doves both nest pairs and nest singles, ranging from 3 to 6 months old, there mixed sexes that are now ready for rehoming.

I always have Birds available for sale throughout the year, and on occasions I have breeding pairs for sale. Please contact me for more information on the birds that are available.

There beautiful birds, free flying, healthy, big bodied and have large permanently erect arched fantails.

Each of my breeding pairs have come from different bloodlines, so by introducing new bloodlines and having a managed breeding program I've avoided inbreeding in my flock.

By managing my breeding birds they are producing quality squeaks (young doves), with lovely big arched fantails, just like there parents.

I leg ring the squeaks soon after hatching, so I know when they've left the nest who their parents are and the date for when they hatched.

Young birds are hard to sex, but not impossible, and an experience breeder can generally by observing the birds behaviours and physique sex birds.
I do my best to ensure that buyers are getting an equal number of sexes.

My birds are tame being used to both human interaction and daily handling and they can be housed happily in either a Dovecot, Aviary or Loft.

The Fantail Dove is a hardy bird, and easy to keep, they will enhance your garden, it's a hobby that all the family can be involved in.

My Doves live in a Loft that I keep clean so there living in a healthy environment.

I treat them with Harkers 4 in 1 every 6 weeks so there medicated against coxxy, canker and mites at regular intervals, so your assured your buying healthy birds.

The photos show my birds free flying in my garden and they are available at £20 each or £40 the pair.

You are welcome to visit my home to view my birds, I live in Conwy North Wales 10 minutes drive from Conwy Castle.

I can if required arrange for delivery at a reasonable extra cost, anywhere throughout the UK.

Please note, my birds are Fantail Doves and do not have a strong homing instincts, so no good for release at functions.

If you want birds to release at weddings, funerals etc. then you need white pigeons.

My birds are pure white Fantail Doves, and stay around where they've been homed.

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Private Advert
Fantail Dove
CITES Article 10
No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate
Current Age
3 months