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Please meet our latest foster, the beautiful Blossom.
She is around 2 years old.
Blossom arrived 2 weeks ago, very scared, tired and not looking good! ?? She was very skinny and lots of patches of hair missing from malnutrition (according to the vet). Her fur was falling out in clumps and she clogged the bath!
She was quickly popped to the vets who stapled her tummy back up (her spay wound had come open), gave her some food supplements, special shampoo and checked her over ??
2 weeks later and wow, we have a happy, friendly, confident little lady emerging.
She LOVES a cuddle, her food and is getting braver on her walks.
She wants to play, but at the moment, she’s scared when you pick up toys and the squeakers scare her too. I don’t think it will be long though!

Some good food and TLC are working wonders for Blossom already and I’ve no doubt she’ll continue to, well, Blossom ???????

Home check does apply we are in Nottingham, she’s in foster care.

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2 years
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