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2 exemplary examples of Seal Lynx Point Snow Bengal kittens. They are 10 weeks old and ready to leave at 12 weeks.

Dad is a Spotted Seal Lynx and Mom is a Marbled Seal Lynx and both can be seen as they’re our pets.

They have both been brought up in a manic and loving house with other cats, kids and dogs 24 hours a day we DO NOT house them away from us in fact they come to bed with us because until they go to their new forever homes they are our pets too.

We are hobby breeders ultimately because we love cats but truly adore Bengals so it is a passion first and foremost which means we put the kittens health and well-being before anything else.

We have waited until now to advertise so we can give you a little bio not just on how they look but also their individual personalities which are showing now in abundance.

They have the “typical” Bengal traits that make these cats such a great pet. Bold, inquisitive, loving and loyal with a truly fun loving personality that involves a lot of play. If not on you they love to be near you and will follow you around the house just in case they miss some fun and so not to be too far away for a love. Bengals enjoy a belly tickle, nap time (especially with you) and to be carried around in your arms until you have had enough as they are generally big cats.

Seal Lynx Bengal cats are born white/ivory and their pattern develops with age, they have and will always have blue eyes (only a true Seal Lynx Point will have “red eye” in a flash photo) with a leather red brick nose with a black

Kitten 1 is Mabel (1st image) she is also a Marble Seal Lynx just like mom. She’s a cheeky, sneaky, delicate girl and likes nothing more than climbing, wrestling, jumping although she can more than hold her own against her big brothers ! She likes nothing better than to be carried around in your arms until she decides it’s time to play and when tired out will sleep in a heap with you or her brothers and sister.

Kitten 2 is Chris (2nd image) is a Spotted Seal Lynx like his Dad and has been named after christopher Columbus due to his desire to explore absolutely everything. He was the first to walk, to wean, to introduce himself to the dogs well you get the idea. He was also the first to climb on the sofa just for a cuddle and fell asleep on my chest. He is SO loving you can’t help but love him back !

The last photo is of mom and dad, who’ve loved these kittens and really helped nurture them and grow in to great little cats.

We love them all dearly so will only let them go to family’s we believe will love and care for them as much as they deserve.

It will be first come first served and a deposit of £100.00 will secure the kitten before they’re ready to leave.

They will be vet checked twice, vaccinated, wormed and leave with food, toy and blanket with the smell of mom, dad, brothers and sisters to help them settle in to their new home.

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10 weeks
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at 12 weeks
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