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Jans Dog Rescue - Lenny

This advert is located in and around Coventry, West Midlands

Advert Description

Lovely little Lenny is searching for his forever home after being surrendered by his previous owner as she found he was too much for her. Lenny is a playful little chap and enjoys his walks. 6 Year old Lenny could possibly live with another dog of a calm nature with some careful introductions. Due to a previous problem with his back leg, Lenny still gets nervous with people touching him around the area and will growl to remind you. Because of this children would not be a good match for Lenny.

Adoption process:

. If you are interested in a dog then please message or call to tell us what dog/s you are interested in. Please give us some background information on yourself, your lifestyle and your home. You’ve read the dogs description and we like to read yours!

. If you're not sure which dog you would like to see then just ask! Tell us what you're looking for eg. If you have another dog, first time owners or experienced, age and number of children, do you have cats, wanted activity requirements, how long the dog will be left alone every day, what size, age or gender you would prefer etc. Just let us know what your lifestyle is and we will tell you which dogs may be suited to you.

. Next we will arrange a day and time for you to come to the rescue and meet the dog/s that you are suited to. This is a time for you to ask us as many questions as you wish and for us and the dog to get to know you as well.

. If there are many people interested in a dog then it is NOT first come first served. We will meet as many people as possible and then choose which would be best for the dog so please do not be disheartened if this is the situation.

. After a meet up with Jan at the rescue and if you decide that you would like to adopt and Jan agrees then you will arrange a day for Jan to come round for a home check/ deliver the dog to you. You don't need to decide on the day and can of course have a think about it as it's not a decision to rush.

. On the day you have arranged the dog will be transported to you by Jan who will stay and settle them in for an hour also while doing a quick home check.

. The adoption fee is £200-250 depending on the dog as this helps us to cover cover the cost of spaying/castration, food, equipment, fuel, training, vet visits, bedding, etc.

. Your new pal will come with a suitable harness, halti lead, collar, goodie bag and a big bag of dog food for no extra cost!

. Ongoing support is always provided if needed. Please give us a call should you have any issues at all and we shall advise you.

. If at any time the dog cannot be kept they MUST be returned to the rescue. We offer lifetime back up and will always take our dogs back whether it’s been 3 days or 13 years.

. All of our dogs are neutered, vet checked and microchipped. Dogs under 14 months will need to be briefly returned to be neutered once they are old enough

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