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Meet Zeus, our 3 year old Siberian husky. He’s looking for a forever home. Unfortunately our work commitments have changed, we have less free time and have to downsize in property. This is an emotional process so serious enquiries only please.

Zeus would suite an active person/couple who loves dogs, he absolutely loves his walks, loves attention and to be honest just wants to be next to you. He’s house trained and has great manners around eating etc.

He’s fine with other dogs but not had much experience around children, when he has been around them he’s been gentle tho, he is a very gentle dog and just loves to have company.

Please get in contact for more information/ pictures.

Thank you

Additional Information

Advert Type
Private Advert
Siberian Husky
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Current Age
3 years
Ready to Leave
Kennel Club Registered
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All up to date
Health Checks
Zeus is under weight but has regular health checks and blood tests and they have no found anything wrong with him.
Licensed breeder
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Country of origin
United Kingdom
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Country of residence
United Kingdom
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Reason for Separation
Zeus is looking for a new home as our work commitments have changed and our house is a lot smaller. He needs more time, attention and space.