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100s of invertebrates

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We have a huge variety of inverts available for collection or can be posted £10 p&p TARANTULAS

Gramastola pulchripes (Chaco golden knee) SUB ADULT MALE £40
Nhandu chromatus (Brazil red and white) MATURE MALE (17.8.20) £25
Tlitocatl albopilosum (curly hair) (Nicaragua) SUB ADULT MALE £20

Acanthoscurria geniculata (Brazilian white knee) 8-9cm £55
Aphonopelma seemani (Costa rican zebra) SUB ADULT £45, ADULT FEMALE £50
Avicularia avicularia (Pink Toe) 6-9cm £45
Brachypelma auratum (Mexican flame knee) 7-8cm £55
Bumba cabocla (Brazilian Red Head) 6-7cm £50
Cyriopagopus paganus (Malasian earth tiger) ADULT/SUB ADULT £30
Haplopelma vonworthi (Asian cheveron) 10+cm £35
Heteroscodra maculata (Togo starburst baboon) 9-10cm £40
Hysterocrates Gigas (Cameroon red baboon) 8-9cm unsexed £25, 10cm+ unsexed £35
Kochiana brunipes (Dwarf pink leg) 5cm £50
Lasiadora parahybana (Salmon Pink Birdeater) 8-10cm £50
Omothymus violacepes (Singapore blue) ADULT FEMALE £100
Poecilotheria regalis (Indian ornamental) 7-9cm £50
Psalmopoeus irminia (Venezuelan sun tiger) 10cm FEMALE £60 or £75 with glass tank
Pterinopelma sazimai (Brazilian blue) 7-8cm £65, 6cm FEMALE £70
Tlitocatl albopilosum (Curly hair) (Nicaragua) sub adult £50, adult FEMALE £50

Acanthosurria geniculata (Brazilian white knee) 6cm £30, 8-9cm £55
Brachypelma albiceps (Mexican golden red rump) 5cm £45
Brachypelma baumgarteni (Mexican Orange Beauty) 5cm £75
Brachypelma boehimi (Mexican fire leg) 6cm £55, 6cm FEMALE £65, 8cm FEMALE £75
Brachypelma emilia (Mexican red leg) 6cm £55
Brachypelma hamorii (Mexican red knee) 5cm £50, 6cm FEMALE
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green bottle blue) 5cm £40
Cyriopagopus sp "Hati hati" (Purple earth tiger) 5cm £35
Cyriopagopus lividus (Cobalt blue) 5cm £35
Gramastola pulchra (Brazilian black) 3cm £50, 4-5cm £65
Haplocosmia himalayana (Himalayan earth tiger) 7cm FEMALE £30
Harpactira pulchripes (Golden blue leg baboon) 5cm £60
Idiothele mira (Blue foot baboon) 5cm FEMALE £55
Lasiadora parahybana (Salmon pink birdeater) 5cm £25, 8-10cm £50
Monocentropus balfouri (Socotra island blue baboon) 6cm £50
Nhandu chromatus (Brazilian red and white) 6-8cm £25
Pelinobius muticus (King baboon) 4-5cm £50
Phormictopus auratus (Cuban bronze) 6-7cm £40
Phormingochilus sp. rufus (Java Tree Tiger) 4-5cm £45
Pterinochilus murinus rcf (Orange baboon tarantula aka OBT) 5-6cm £30
Tlitocatl epicureanus (Yukatan rust rump) 5cm £45
Tlitocatl sabulosus (Guatemala red rump) 5cm £45

Brachypelma albiceps (Golden Red Rump) 2cm £25
Brachypelma boehmei (Mexican Fire Leg) 3cm £30
Brachypelma emilia (Mexican Red Leg) 2cm £25, 3cm £30
Brachypelma hamorii (Mexican Red Knee) 2cm £25, 3cm £30
Chilobrachys dyscolus sp "blue" (Vietnam blue earth tiger) 2-3cm £15
Chromatopelma cyaneopubescens (Green Bottle Blue) 2cm £25
Gramastola pulchra (Brazilian Black) 3cm £50, 4-5cm £65
Hysterocrates gigas (Cameroon red baboon) 1cm £5
Nhandu tripepii (Brazilian giant blonde) 2cm £15
Pseudhapolopus sp. Blue (Columbian Bluebottle) 1cm £20
Pterinopelma sazimai (Brazilian blue) 4-5cm £25
Tliltocatl vagans (Mexican red rump) 3cm £12

Heteropoda sp (Unknown species from Malaysia) Adult £30

Asian forest scorpion (Heterometrus sp) Adult £30, Scorplings £10
Asian blue forest scorpion (Heterometrus cyaneus) Adult £30
Desert Hairy Scorpion (Hadrurus arizonensis) Adult £55

Rainbow millipedes £15
Train millipedes £20
Giant Asian Centipede (Scolopendra dehanni) Adult £30

Albino giant African land snails 3-5cm Shell £5 each

More arriving soon!

Rainbow crabs (Cardisoma armatum) £20
Vinegaroon (Thelyphonus sp from Malaysia) 3cm body £45
Dairy cow isopods (Porcellio laevis) pack of 10 (approximately) £22.99

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