Preview of the first image of Stunning toy poodle merle and tan phantom for STUD.

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Stunning Toy sized poodle boy for stud, 11 inch at shoulder, his dad is the famous toy x mini merle poodle Jackpot.
This boy is beautiful, his first girl is scanned as pregnant with puppies, he is being used for AI at the moment as he is in training for shipments, we are happy to try natural but while young want to train him to do both as it’s a regular request for it to be posted.
This boy has 170 DNA tests all clear and a full poodle panel to go with it, he is Kc activity registered as merles can only go on the activity register and not the full register, he has his kc papers here copies provided if that and all the health testing.
We can blood test the girl to check she has ovulated so we are 100% mating at the right time this is £40 if using our stud.
if you want to guess your girls ovulation days that too is ok with us but before any free return you must test as you guessed wrong the first time, not all girl dogs are day 10 and 12 so you could potentially be wasting 6 months
messing around guessing by avoiding a simple test.

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Business Advert
Toy poodle
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Current Age
2 years
Heath Screening Checks
170 DNA tests