Preview of the first image of KC health tested chocolate poodle for stud.

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Our little Oatis is proven and showing to be very polite gentle and Keen at his job, he’s well mannered and gives the girls time to relax and feel comfortable.
Artificial insemination can be done for larger breeds at no extra cost.
Please if you know your girl is likely to be snappy then a AI breeding would be more suitable as I do not want Oatis bitten or put off from doing natural matings in the future. Girls do find AI breedings much less stressful.
is a health tested chocolate toy poodle standing at 11” tall and weighing around 2.5kg
Health tested N/N clear for -
-Von willebrand disease type 1
-Degenerative myelopathy
-Neonatal encephalopathy
-Progressive retinal atrophy (prcd-PRA )
-progressive retinal atrophy (rcd4-PRA/LOPRA)

Colour DNA results -

S-locus N/S - One copy party gene

I-locus I/I - Reduced intensity cream/white

K- locus KB/KB - Dominant chocolate

A-locus at/at - chocolate & tan (Phantom)

B-locus b/b - chocolate coat colour

D-locus D/D - Non carrier of the fading gene

Price includes two natural matings or Ai’s and a free scan to confirm pregnancy, a free return is offered if scanned not in pup by me.
Sperm can be shown under a digital microscope before inseminating when doing a Ai breeding.
*No extra fee for AI or copies of Oatis’s paperwork.
If you would like more information on our Oatis please feel free to contact me.
* please note our home is under 24hr CCTV for the protection of our dogs.

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Toy poodle
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Current Age
17 months
Kennel Club Registered
Yes - Breed Register
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Heath Screening Checks
Health tested