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DIY for Less

Perhaps it’s the tortuous sound of that constantly dripping tap, or the bruise the size of Texas you’ve gained from having to shoulder barge the front door open, but there comes a time when every home cries out for a little TLC.

While we Brits appear split into two camps over DIY (the lovers and the loathers), there’s no escaping the fact that every property and its fixtures and fittings demand some attention from time to time. Call in the professionals and it soon adds up, so why not consider tackling some timely maintenance or a spot of decorating yourself to keep down costs and even add some value to your home?

With the right tools and information you can quickly become adept at taking on the small tasks before up-scaling your ambitions to attempt bigger projects. You’ll be appearing on Grand Designs before you know it! There’s also a certain satisfaction and sense of achievement that comes with doing it yourself, and we’ve got some great gear to get you fully tooled up to do some DIYing for less.

Bright Ideas

A simple lick of paint transforms any room, giving it a bright and welcoming feel that can be achieved quickly and without too much expense. As most decorators buy more paint than they need, you can easily spruce up a room for less by picking up some surplus pots of painton Preloved.

Brush Off

Quick and easy to use, a paint pod is a convenient way to avoid unwanted spills and splashes, getting the paint on the walls rather than on you!

On a Roll

According to the Energy Saving Trust insulating a loft helps to heat homes more efficiently, while reducing CO2 emissions and costly energy bills – so what are you waiting for? Here are 12 packs of new loft insulation containing three rolls each to keep your home toasty warm.

Tool Time

Don’t bodge it – get the right tools for the job! Without the correct equipment any task becomes a time-consuming and frustrating chore with results that leave a lot to be desired. You can pick up a nearly new toolkit at a bargain price on Preloved for tackling any household chores.

Space Invader

If you are looking for some extra storage space then your loft is the ideal place to pack up your possessions. By laying some loft boards to create a safe floored area and fitting a loft ladder for easy access you can make some space in living areas. Better still, why not cash in on clearing out the clutter with a free ad on Preloved!

Hitting the Floor

If you’re updating a room, take some time to consider the type of flooring you would like that both suits your lifestyle and enhances the overall effect you’re trying to achieve. For warmth and comfort, a carpet is hard to beat, while laminate gives a more contemporary look different to the timeless style of these stunning English oak wood parquet blocks.

DIY Chat

There are loads of questions and queries about projects posted in our DIY forum, so why not take advantage of all that collective expertise and join in the chat?

Adele Gardner

Adele Gardner

Creative Writer

Adele is a creative writer for Preloved. She loves literature, travelling, baked goods and is always hunting for new music.