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Second Hand Father’s Day Gift Ideas with Preloved

Father’s Day is just around the corner, and here at Preloved HQ, we’ve come up with some great second hand unique father’s day ideas for you, which are bound to have him beaming this coming Sunday.

If he’s a book worm…

Okay, so if your old man would rather spend his days with his nose stuck in a good novel than in the pub, we’ve got just the thing. Here on Preloved, you can find plenty of second hand books in fantastic condition. So go on, surprise him with a sack load of books and let him work his way through them until next year.


If he’s an explorer…

So if you’re Dad is a bit adventurous and likes to get out and about, (and no, we don’t just mean walking to the local and back), why not treat him to a really unique gift – you won’t find this on most ‘father’s day gift’ suggestions…

Perfect if he goes hunting, this Night Vision Camera advertised on Preloved makes for such a unique, quirky gift. It can be used on the go or for simple, discreet surveillance. A really cool, underrated gadget for the most important man you’ll ever need. Browse cameras on Preloved now.


If he’s into his films…

Forget about buying him a DVD; bring the silver screen to your own home with this Vintage Slide Projector advertised on Preloved. Perfect for new and old films, TV shows, and old home videos, the Vintage Slide Projector adds a touch of 1940s glamour and brings a whole new meaning to sitting in front of the box. So grab some popcorn, put your feet up and prepare for an evening of great films with your daddio. See vintage projectors you can find on Preloved!


If he’s into his music…

Instead of heading to HMV to purchase the Beatles Greatest Hits, why not settle for something so much more special. This original 1964 Beatles Calendar advertised here on Preloved will have him heady with nostalgia. If Beatle’s weren’t his thing, there’s plenty more memorabilia on Preloved that’ll transport him back to his youth. Sometimes you just can’t do better than the original.


If he likes his beer…

If you’re old man enjoys nothing more than a good pint of beer, then look no further than the homebrew kits advertised here on Preloved. He doesn’t even have to leave the house – with this he can brew the perfect pint from the comfort of his own home.


Do you have any unique father’s day gift ideas you want to share that we advertise here on Preloved? Tweet us @Preloved

Rachel Heslehurst

Rachel Heslehurst

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Rachael Heslehurst is a creative writer for Preloved. You’ll often find her writing about vintage fashion, health and beauty and quirky gift ideas. Rachael loves to travel to new places and can’t resist a good bargain.