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Meet a Member: Angela Beebee’s selling experience on Preloved

Cars to Kettles


Preloved Member, Angela Beebee

Angela Beebee lives in Rugeley, Staffordshire and has been a member of Preloved since April 2009. As a regular user of Preloved, in the last two years she has placed over 100 adverts on the site, selling everything from a kettle, rice steamer and cycle carrier, to camping equipment, a dishwasher and Volvo estate car.

“I sold the Volvo to a very nice man from Essex who travelled up with the cash. I told two of my friends about Preloved and they both advertised cars which also sold on the same day as they were put on the website,” Angela says.

Direct Dealing

Angela believes that one of the key strengths of Preloved is that, unlike other online auction sites, it brings buyers and sellers together in the real world which means there is less time wasting and people are more likely to be interested in making a potential purchase. “You are going to meet buyers face-to-face, so they tend to be more genuine people. I use it regularly and nearly always have something on there.” She continues, “It’s a very useful site to use and it makes you feel safe as it’s usually someone local who is buying from you, within about ten miles of here.”

Social Space

As well as being a classified advertising site, Preloved’s distinct community feel is witnessed in the range of forums where members can socialise online while exchanging advice and guidance across various areas, from camping to home & family. “It’s a really friendly site with a totally different atmosphere,” says Angela. The site’s more personal approach to buying and selling also encourages users to form friendships with the people they meet. “I’ve made one good friend who lives in Preston, Lancashire, and we keep in contact via email and speaking on the telephone.”

Secrets of Successful Selling

Since joining the site, Angela says that she has made about £2,500 selling items. She saves the money she makes to put towards family holidays and buying presents at Christmas.

For those who are considering advertising on Preloved, Angela has the following advice. “Put as many keywords as possible in the title. If you use lots of keywords the item will come up in a wider search.” Furthermore, she advises users always to include a good photograph of any items for sale. “It’s also a great idea to make it clear that you are happy to send more photographs if requested by potential buyers.”



Community Manager

Tina's been part of the Preloved family since 2014 and spends most of her time reviewing Preloved policy and speaking with external parties, such has charities, forums, and government agencies. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, pets, friends, and Netflix.