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Thrifty Eye for Interiors

Liz Bauwens is an interior stylist, author and decorator. She started her career in Vogue’s Book Department, before working in a photographic studio as a stylist and then changing direction to work on leading interiors and women’s magazines, House & Garden, Good Housekeeping and Country Homes and Interiors. She is now a freelance stylist, decorator and author of four interiors books, including Thrifty Chic, detailing how to create stunning interiors with second hand finds.

Liz shares her secrets with Preloved on achieving some serious Thrifty Chic style in any home. 7081086-974-300x450

How would you describe Thrifty Chic?

Thrifty Chic is a useful, but stylish guide to decorating your home on a budget but with great results.

What is its appeal to you?

It is exactly the look I love of mixing old and new to get an eclectic relaxed look.

What mismatched elements work well together to get ‘the look’?

To get a cohesive look, keep floors and walls simple and put the mixture of objects against this.

Is it something that anyone can achieve?

Anyone can achieve this look, it is one of the simplest and also fun to do.

What are your top tips for someone revamping a room?

My top tips for anyone revamping a room are to choose the colour palette you like best to live with. Choose the main object first, or look at existing ones, a sofa or bed for instance, and then enjoy looking around at the more budget stores to build a look.

Does thrifty chic work in any house?

I do think thrifty chic works in any house, which I hope the book proves!

What is your own beloved thrifty buy and why?

My favourite thrifty objects at the moment are pressed glass. I have a collection of jugs, and also candlesticks which are my favourite.

Any insider tips for grabbing a bargain?

I think the joy of the thrifty look is keeping it local. Everyone has a charity shop, house clearance furniture shops or auction houses near by, so get your eye in and keep looking at their new arrivals.

What are the best places to look?

The best places to look are the above, plus a good car boot sale and for new pieces, particularly furniture, the bargain stores like Ikea and sales at other home furnishing stores are always worth looking at. Also, if a relative or friend is throwing away a piece, sofa, table or chair, try and imagine it painted another colour, sanded down or covered in a blanket.

What makes second hand sexy!?

Second hand is sexy because it is romantic, particularly the glass I have mentioned, a worn piece of fabric, a painted glass cabinet – it all adds a soft and pretty touch to a room.



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