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We Planted 50,000 Trees To Combat Global Warming!

Here at Preloved we help over 500,000 items avoid landfill every year. But, as a business, we understand we need to do more to help combat global warming and support biodiversity.

That’s why, last month, we pledged to plant a tree for every listing our members posted on Preloved during our annual National Second Hand event. As well as finding new homes for their unwanted items, and making some cash in the process, they’ll also doing an incredible thing for the planet.

Preloved members posted an incredible 41,837 listings between April 1st-24th – that’s 41,837 beautiful new trees! By way of appreciation, we decided to increase that number to a staggering 50,000! Preloved’s next goal is to plant 100,000 trees.

Preloved Plants 50,000 Trees

Preloved Get Their Hands Dirty

We teamed up with (more:trees) to help us with our tree planting project. Anyone, including businesses, can purchase trees from the (more:trees) website, and their expert team takes care of the planting…. or so we thought!

Earlier this month, we headed out to the Lancashire countryside to see their team in action. Little did we know we’d be kitted out in gardening gloves, high vis jackets, and put to work. Over the course of the day we helped plant over 400 trees, including Wild Cherry, Silver Birch, and Maple – all native to the UK.

Preloved’s Lucy said: “Not only was it a good excuse to pull myself away from the office for the day, I was able to get my hands dirty and contribute directly in our efforts to become net zero”.  

So, only 49,600 trees to go. Luckily, the experts at (more:trees) are continuing with this great work on our behalf.

Helping To Combat Global Warming

We spoke with Alan Wilson, (more:trees)’ Managing Director to find out more. He explained how their website allows individuals or businesses to take impactful climate action. This helps secure the future of our planet now, and for generations to come. They offer a range of solutions to tackle climate change, one being tree planting.

We applaud Preloved’s dedication to keeping re-usable items out of landfill and believe it’s a vital component in the fight for climate change. However, their tree planting initiative takes their achievements a step further. We welcome their pursuit to combat global warming, and their commitment to making a positive change”.

To find out more about how you can plant a tree for just £1, without getting muddy, click here.




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