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HIPs Are History

Great news for people selling their house privately on Preloved or through an estate agent. As of today the Home Information Pack is no longer required, removing what many people felt was an unnecessary burden on house sellers.

The Home Information Pack was introduced in December 2007 and since then, home owners have been forced to spend millions on ‘pointless’ paperwork that few buyers even looked at. It is hoped that scrapping them will encourage sellers back into the market, and help the market as a whole and the economy recover.

Kirsty Allsop said, “I work with people buying and selling their houses every day and I’ve seen genuine unhappiness. Today’s the day that HIPs are gone. You will not have to pay £250, or £350 plus VAT, for a piece of paper that no one will look at and will not reduce your lawyer’s fees.”

One part of the HIP does still remain – the Energy Performance Certificate. This rates the energy efficiency of a property and must have been commissioned before beginning to market the property. This is now required by European Law and the government believe its retention will help people reduce their energy bills and tackle climate change.



Tina Hidderley

Tina Hidderley

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