Hello there! It's possible today is your very first day at university. We remember it well... although admittedly, our profound fondness for G&T has hampered much of the Preloved team's student memories. It's also entirely possible you're feeling odd about being away from home or baffled about the idea of operating a washing machine. If you're in a hall without catering (daredevil) we're going to tell you right now - takeaway pizza and dried noodles do not maketh the man. Natalie, our kind and excellent blog editor, has made a little Student Zone just for you. We'll be updating it throughout the year and hopefully getting some of you lot to write for us! If you fancy yourself as a writer and feel you could make a contribution to the Preloved Student Zone, why not pop us an email:


Get using our Preloved app! We made it! 

The Preloved app is the safest way to buy, sell and trade within your university campus.  As students you can search for items which are within a walkable distance plus connect with buyers and sellers all within the app. We're social like that!

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For Sellers

For Buyers

The Preloved app is set to make selling to those on your campus hassle free! Save precious time by listing adverts and uploading images on the go. You can review buyer replies via the app.

Once created, your listing will be available for buyers on your campus to view and with Preloved’s member messaging in your pocket; finding the right buyer for your item just got a whole lot quicker.

All of those items you no longer of use (e.g. old textbooks) well, there may be someone just around the corner happy to take it off your hands!

You can even list your item for free or exchange via the Freeloved service within the app! 

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Tips On How To Sell On Preloved


With the Preloved app at your fingertips, who knows what treasure you might find! Get searching on your campus and in your local area. You'll save money and quite possibly the planet too... 

With easy access to great deals on your doorstep, interesting adverts in our featured listings and Freeloved items advertised just around the corner; you won't have to go far to find something special. 

Why not try furnishing your flat for free? You'll be amazed at what you can find on Preloved. 

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Hello University of Birmingham! 

Preloved is pleased to announce we'll be present at the University of Birmingham on the 18th of September in collaboration with the UoB's Green Community! 

For you lucky Brum students - we'll be giving out t-shirts, discounted membership and vintage extras on Sunday the 18th outside the Green Community halls! Get following us on Twitter for more information on our Preloved Campus project at the University of Birmingham. 

Not at Birmingham? Not to worry! You can still get involved by heading over to our Student Zone, or follow the event live on Twitter


How to download the Preloved App

The Preloved App has been designed by our talented in-house development team. Every decision throughout the app creation process has been carefully considered, and made to benefit our Preloved members by improving their online shopping experience from start to finish.

The app is available NOW for devices that run iOS 8, iOS 9 and Android, so what are you waiting for? Download the Preloved app for free today and join a buzzing community with Preloved.


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