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Here at Preloved, animal welfare is at the forefront of what we do. It is crucial for us to educate prospective pet owners on the ins and outs of how to care for a pet before you give them a forever home.

Our blog is a key source of information; from beginners' guides to different species and breeds, to upcycling and turning mundane objects into your pet's new toy. Experts and charities alike have contributed their knowledge to make you the best pet owner. 


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Over the last year 200,000 the Preloved community have been actively sharing their items. Everything from pet beds, to rabbit runs and chew toys...  

So if you’re looking for a treat for your loving pet, Preloved is the place to visit. Get browsing for free today!

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From DIY horse toys to jumper cat beds, ways to keep your rabbits entertained to top tips on how to care for a puppy…our blog has it all!

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