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Hi there,
We are Bruno's Pets,
We stock everything from cages, accessories, foods and treats to actual livestock (animals).
we stock everything you need for Domesticated birds (whether indoor or outdoor), Wild birds, small animals, dogs and puppies, cats and kittens, reptiles, invertebrates, poultry, waterfowl and much more!
We are located at Whilton Locks Garden Village and we also have a store At Billing Garden Centre.
We used to specialise in birds, being named "the parrot warehouse" 25 years ago and have moved into various areas, but still holding our birds as our main front.
There is a lot more in store and a high range but here are just some of the following you will find:
- Johnston and Jeff Feeds, everything from finch, canary and aviary mixtures, to parakeets, parrots and even specific feeds for African greys and macaws.
- 12ft wall of pure bird toys, ranging anything from wood and rope based to acrylic more "intellectual" toys. From budgies to Green wing macaws, we have toys suitable for what you're after!
- cages, we supply both cages for small birds such as finches and canaries, right up to greys, amazons, and certain macaws like blue and golds etc. we supply Imac, Savic, Liberta UK, Essegi etc.
- specialist feeding - we have pelleted parrot foods, from Katee and Pretty birds, specific for Greys, Amazons, Cockatoos, Conures and more. We also stock hand rearing mixes as well Lorikeet food. We also supply a lot of nutritional supplements like Calci-lux.
- The main products for reptiles are Vivariums and Terrariums. We have many, available in various shapes and sizes, colours and more. Whether it is for a Baby Leopard gecko or a fully grown Herman's Tortoise, we carry a lot suitable for many reptiles alike!
- Along with Vivaria, come heating and lighting, we stock many size and wattage Bulbs, suitable for any housing, along with thermostats to help regulate them properly. We also have various sized heat mats, guards and more! For those reptiles with specific needs, we carry UVB lighting in various lengths, percentages and in tube form or screw-in bulb form! We can supply Ballasts for these as well!
- Accessories! You can never have too many accessories for reptiles and we have caves/Hides, various sized feeding and water dishes, large variety of hanging and grounded plantation, thermometers, locks, ornaments... could go on all day!
- Foods - we do a large range of frozen foods from pinkie mice to large rabbits as well as quail, chicks, and more! We also do your live foods, locusts, crickets, wax worms, calci-worms etc! On top of that we supply Dry/Pelleted Tortoise feeds. We don't sell them as "complete" but rather supplements!
Small Animals:
- Cages - we do a large variety of indoor and outdoor cages, hutches, runs and more! We have multi-level cages for those inquisitive hamsters and rats, as well as metal cages for the chewers like Degus! They all range in designs, colours and some even come with bowls, bottles and some accessories!
- We have a large stock of feed for rabbits, guinea-pigs, hamsters/gerbils, chinchillas, rats, some bulk, some not, however if we haven't got it we can generally get it! Some of the brands include Excel, Supreme, Mr.Johnson's and range from Muesli mixes to Pelleted diets. As well as this we stock Hay/Hay-lage and even ready-grass!
- accessories, like the reptiles, too many to list, however we do various sized chews, all different designs and sizing to suit the small rodents to the big giants! Wooden to plastic and much more! We also have various treats in different flavours; some making them work for it to keep them occupied! We also have bedding like Safe bed as well as shavings by the bale a smaller, and specific substrate like paper-bedding (back-2-nature) for animals like rats who suffer reactions to shavings!
Cat -
we carry a lot of food for the our Feline friends, from your typical feeds like Whiskers, Felix, Sheba to go cat, Omega, Supacat and more, to more "specialist" like Royal Canin, James wellbeloved, Symply, Meowing heads and some Hills Science plan.
- there are also a high range of litters from your wood based, to granule based, non clumping, quick-clumping, non smelling and more.
- Accessories, this can be from collars with bells, right up to beds (in all shapes and sizes) to big, small and multi-level cat scratches, some plain, some with dangling mice! All meant to save your upholstery!
We supply ALOT of dog food, and we range a lot of it, most the brands we supply follow:
- Chudleys (Dodson and horrell), Dr.Johns, Pedigree, Skinner's, Wagg, Harrington's, Bakers, Gusto, Autarky and more as well as the higher-quality feeds such as: Royal Canin, James well beloved, Canidae, Symply, Canagan, Burns, Arden Grange, Natures Menu and more.
- we carry many treats and accessories such as dogs crates, many beds, 25ft multi-shelf stand comprising of treats (anything from your jumbones and pedigree stuff right up to tripe sticks, postman's legs, knucklebones, pigs ears, hide treats, master pet chews and more!). There is also a 6ft wall of collars and leads, various colours, sizes and materials!
- Foods, we supply mixed corn, Layers pellets, Layers Mash, Grower's pellets and more, as well as duck and goose specific feeds. We get our feeds from hay gates, Johnston and Jeff.
- supplements, there are many supplements available for poultry, everything from apple, cider and Vinegar to tonics and conditioners, all made to ensure poultry health and quality egg-production!
- We also have a nice range of poultry coops and runs. As well as aviary panels to "DIY" as well as many feeders, drinkers treats and more!
As we are within a Garden centre, you are able to make a nice day out of it and have a cup of tea/ coffee with a slice of cake or full English in our restaurant!
Just visit our websites listed above!

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