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Preloved began in 1998 and has grown to become one of the largest classified advertising sites in the UK with hundreds of thousands of adverts in over 500 categories.

We have over 6 million registered members, buying and selling every week in over 500 categories. In 2014, we saw over £1.4 billion of item value listed on the site.

We also have a dedicated customer service team who provide help whenever you need it. Just check out our Trust Pilot rating to see what our users have to say about us.


What’s so special about Preloved?

#1: It's free

Preloved has no listing fees, no selling fees and no catches.

#2: No to auctions

If you are buying or selling second hand, we offer a great alternative to the hassle and expense of auction sites. All items are also listed by location, so you can find the nearest item to you.

#3: Made for buyers

We hope the things you find on Preloved make a difference in your life. Whether it makes life a little easier, or more enjoyable, we love to know that you've found the thing you've always wanted.

Ann left us a testimonial on Trustpilot:

Hi, I've bought several items from Preloved and it always goes smoothly. 
I particularly like that I can contact the seller direct and ask any questions I may have. Right up my street! Much easier than Ebay.


#4: Made for Sellers

We hope you find a new home quickly for your unwanted items! Whether you're looking to make some extra cash, or just making room for other things in your life.

Shirley, from Gloucestershire, shared her thoughts about the Preloved site on our Testimonial page:

I signed up to Preloved on Monday afternoon and sold my saddle next day. I could not believe how easy it was so will definitely be using again. Excellent!! Thank you!!


#5: Good for the Planet

Whether you’re buying or selling, you're helping us on our mission to lower the quantity of potential landfill.

Recycling is really important to Preloved, to find out how you can do your bit check out our recycling articles.


We Take Animal Welfare Very Seriously

Whether you are looking to rehome a pet or give a pet a home, please read our animal welfare pages where you will find lots of pet welfare advice to help you make the decisions when rehoming an animal. Every animal deserves a forever home.

We care about animal welfare and are proud to meet the minimum standards set by PAAG. To find out more about what we are doing to combat poor animal welfare, please visit our Pet Pledge page.


Meet the Preloved Team!


Alex Vaughan - Trading

Alex VaughanAlex looks after the Preloved community, and manages the Preloved newsletters. Alex is passionate about the future development of Preloved as a destination for members to buy, sell, rehome, loan, swap, share ideas... all in your local area, as well as across the UK. In his spare time, Alex enjoys visiting his home county Yorkshire, and exploring new areas in the UK.


Tina Hidderley - Partnerships

Tina HidderleyTina looks after our Business members and is passionate about providing the best service possible, and building partnerships to benefit the whole Preloved community. She confesses to spending too much of her spare time on Sudoku and Pinterest, and she loves finding new recipes to try out - often spending her weekends browsing the cook books at local car boots and charity stores.


Justine Dench - Marketing

Justine DenchJustine is passionate about animals, the environment and sustainable living. Justine has a BSc degree in Animal Behaviour and Natural History and has added interests in photography, home interiors and travel. Justine leads the marketing team, and looks after the social media community on FacebookGoogle PlusTwitter and Instagram.


Natalie Reynolds - Creative

Natalie Reynolds-GarciaNatalie is a creative writer for Preloved, and looks after the Preloved blog and our Write For Us scheme. Natalie is a granny at heart and, as such, enjoys gardening, sewing, vintage treasure and literature. In her spare time, she is often found pottering around her allotment, or scouring online and offline for antiques to fill her home.


Check out the Preloved blog for great tips on buying and selling, plus lots of helpful and interesting info on some of our favourite categories!

The dedicated Preloved Customer Service team review 100% of all adverts. But, if you’re having any problems with your adverts, please don’t hesitate to contact customer service

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