Pet Care Advice

Getting a new pet can be one of the most rewarding, fun-packed and exciting experiences anyone can have. Whether you choose to share your home with a small puppy, tiny kitten, rabbit or hamster you'll be rewarded with many years of happiness and companionship.

However, before you browse pets for sale on Preloved and fall in love with a new furry friend, have a read through our pet advice pages below to make sure you are prepared for the commitment involved when giving a pet a forever home.

Don't forget to use our pet buying checklist to help you find a responsible seller, and if you're worried about unscrupulous sellers check out our advice on common scams you need to be aware of.

Do own horses or livestock? Head over to our horse and livestock welfare pages to find bundles of useful advice.

Give Us a Forever Home

From the moment you bring that bouncing bundle of energy into their new home, your puppy, kitten or any other pet will look to you for lots of love, care and reassurance in their new surroundings.

Giving a Forever Home to every pet is a big commitment. Happy to scoop some poop? OK with your furniture getting a little scratched, your favourite pair of shoes chewed and your monthly outgoings going up? If so, then great!

But it's a big decision. So read the information and advice here to make sure you both live happily forever after.

The Preloved Pet Pledge

We've pledged to put animal welfare at the forefront of everything we do at Preloved.

Preloved People

Preloved People

If you love pets, come say hello in our Pets Group which is full of Preloved People chatting in our forums and showing off their pets in our gallery.