Reptile Care Advice

Reptiles are fast becoming one of the UK's most popular choice of pets as interest in everything from snakes and geckos to bearded dragons continues to rise. They make fascinating pets for all age groups.

Thinking About getting Reptiles?

Animal Rescues and Animal Sanctuaries on Preloved

If you're considering giving a forever home to a reptile, why not consider using an animal rescue or sanctuary to help you find the perfect match to suit your needs and lifestyle?

Buying a Tortoise

Buying a tortoise requires research. You need to think about all the things your pet will need throughout its long life - find out more here.

Brief Guide to Tortoise Breeds

Any decision to give a pet a home shouldn't be made without thorough research into the animal's breed or species, and what care they require. Looking to give a tortoise a home? Start by looking through our brief overview of just some of the popular pet tortoise species, and find links to useful sources to carry on your research in fidning your perfect forever friend.

Keeping Snakes and Lizards as Pets

The Animal Protection Agency discuss the needs and what the bear in mind should you be considering getting a reptile as a pet. 

Rehoming your Reptile

Rehoming Your Pet

If you're looking to find a forever home for a reptile, make sure any potential buyer can give the love, care and attention they will need for years to come - find out more.

Endangered Species

If you are intending to sell or buy a reptile on Preloved that is considered rare or endangered, it is important that you are fully aware of the CITES regulations and your responsibilities.

Caring for your Reptiles

Microchipping for Pets

Microchipping is an inexpensive and easy method to help reunite you with your reptile if it goes missing - find out more.

Caring for a Tortoise

Tortoises can live for many years and need specialist care and attention throughout their lives - find out more here.

Care Sheets for Reptiles

The RSPCA has some great advice on caring for a wide range of exotics - from snakes and lizards, to geckos and terrapins - so take some time to read up on all their specialist needs.

Tortoise Hibernation

Make sure you and your tortoise are fully for the colder months by reading our article on Tortoise Hibernation by the Blue Cross.

Lizard and Snake Care

The Animal Protection Agency discuss the needs and what the bear in mind should you be considering getting a reptile as a pet. 

Terrapin Care Sheet

Terrapins are popular reptiles to be kept as pets, but they require specialiast care. The Raystede Centre for Animal Welfare are here to give in depth advice on how best to care far these little shelled companians.

Give Us a Forever Home

Whichever reptile you choose they will be looking for a Forever Home which gives them the care and attention they need every single day.

And that's a real commitment. Have you thought about the right enclosure or terrarium you'll need? What kind of environment will be needed to keep your reptile healthy?

A Forever Home means thinking all these things through so you know just what your reptile needs. So before going any further, make sure you know what to expect by reading the advice and information here.

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