Fish Care Advice

With seemingly endless varieties of species, fish are hugely popular pets that attract owners from all age groups. Whether you start with a goldfish or a fully stocked aquarium you will discover an equally rewarding and fascinating pet.

Caring for Your Fish

Going for Goldfish

They're one of the UK's most popular pets, but while they may be commonplace, choosing a goldfish as your new pet will still mean years of care and attention to keep them happy and healthy. Before you take the plunge, get a grip on goldfish with our fishy facts! 

Betta Fish Care

Dave from has put together a handy guide on how to provide the best level of care for your Betta fish, including how to create the perfect tank conditions, Betta fish diet, and which tank mates are best.

Rehoming Your Fish

Rehoming Your Pet

If you're looking to find a forever home for your fish, make sure any potential buyer can give the love, care and attention they will need for years to come - find out more.

Give Us a Forever Home

Whichever fish you choose will be looking for a Forever Home where they will get all the care and attention they need every single day.

And that's a real commitment. Are you prepared to splash out on a good-sized aquarium? Planning a fortnight away – who will feed your fishy friends?

A Forever Home means thinking all these things through, so make sure you read the advice and information here before diving in.

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The Preloved Pet Pledge

We've pledged to put animal welfare at the forefront of everything we do at Preloved.

Preloved People

Preloved People

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