Cat Care Advice

Looking for the purrfect pet? Cats are sociable, full of character and independent-spirited. No wonder, then, they're found curled up in the homes of millions of Brits.

Thinking About getting a Cat?

Choosing your New Pet

Giving a new home to a kitten or cat is a real responsibility. It's vital that you take some time to think carefully before making any decisions. Cats will need care, attention and companionship for many years to come, so it's crucial that you can offer them a loving forever home that meets all their needs. Find out more about choosing the right pet for both them and you!

Animal Rescues and Animal Sanctuaries on Preloved

If you're considering giving a forever home to a new cat or kitten, why not consider using an animal rescue or sanctuary to help you find the perfect match to suit your needs and lifestyle?

Getting a Cat

Looking for the 'pawfect' puss? Don't get in a clap, read our advice about everything you need to consider before choosing your feline friend for life

Adopting an Older Cat

Did you know that the "shelf life" of a cat in charity care increases as it gets older? It can be hard to resist buying a kitten for you and your family, but with rising numbers of unwanted older cats in the UK, Cats Protection tells us why you should consider giving an loving older cat a home.

Rehoming your Cat

Think Before Advertising Pets for Free

If you're looking to rehome your cat or other pets on Preloved, we would urge you not to advertise them as being free. Find out more about some of the potential problems that may come with giving away a pet to a new owner.

Rehoming Your Pet

If you're looking to find a forever home for a cat or kitten, make sure any potential buyer can give the love, care and attention they will need for years to come - find out more.

Caring for your Cat

When to Neuter Your Cat

Cats Protection believes that getting your cat neutered before it can breed is an essential part of responsible cat ownership.

Looking After your Cat

Cool they may be, but cats need plenty of care and attention if they are to stay happy and healthy in the years to come. 

Care Sheets for Cats

Take some time to read the RSPCA's leaflet on 'How to Take Care of your Cat'

Microchipping for Pets

Microchipping is an inexpensive and easy method to help reunite you with your cat if it goes missing - find out more.

Cats and Fireworks

With autumn comes firework season, and across the UK there will be some pets enduring long evenings of frightening bangs and flashes. If you have a cat, Blue Cross is here to give you advice on how you can help reduce their fear and stress levels during firework season.

Check List When Welcoming a New Cat Home

Rehoming a cat can be a daunting prospect. Cats can be prone to stress and it takes time for them to bond to both a new home and new pet parents. Keep reading to learn more.

Give Us a Forever Home

Whichever cat you choose will be looking for a Forever Home where they will get the love, care, security and attention they need every single day for years to come.

And that's a commitment. Yes, he's as cute as a button, but that kitten's got claws that love to scratch chair legs. Kitty looking off colour? Remember who'll be paying the vet bills!

A Forever Home means thinking all these things through. So read the advice and information here before finding your 'purrfect' friend for life.

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