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Every month we help thousands of our members turn their clutter into cash, and there's always something interesting, decidedly unusual or downright quirky being advertised for sale - from space hoppers and sailing boats, to classic cars and camping gear.

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A Little Preloved History


Preloved was founded by Ian Buzer in 1998. It was designed as a small and friendly site where enthusiasts could buy, sell and chat about all things second hand. Word spread quickly and Preloved is now one of the largest classifieds sites in the UK with over 11 million visits every month.

Despite this success, Preloved is still run by a small team that what it lacks in numbers makes up for in its passion and enthusiasm for the joy of second hand.

Interview with Ian Buzer

Ian Buzer was the founder and first Managing Director of Preloved. He answers some of the most common questions ...

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Preloved In 2013

The UK put secondhand shopping first in their BILLIONS during 2013

Preloved released an infographic celebrating the UK's money-saving obsession with secondhand buying and selling in 2013, which revealed:

  • £1.6 billion - the estimated total value of items advertised on Preloved during the year
  • 1.1 billion page views for adverts
  • 2.4 million adverts placed by members of the website
  • 12.3 million message sent between adverts and buyers to seal deals

The city named as the Secondhand Capital of the UK was Norwich - Preloved had more visits per resident from Norwich than any other town in the UK throughout 2013.

Download Full Infographic: Screen Resolution or High Resolution

Preloved Stats and Facts

Did you know?

  • Preloved is the second most visited classifieds web site in the UK according to Hitwise
  • The total value of items for sale on Preloved tops £1.5 billion
  • Preloved has over 11 million visits every month
  • With over 1.7 million active members, Wembley Stadium would need to be eighteen times bigger to accommodate them all
  • Over 10,000 new adverts are placed on Preloved every day
  • If all the cars for sale on Preloved were parked nose-to-nose, they would completely fill all lanes of the clockwise carriageway of the M25
  • The busiest time on Preloved is around 9pm, when visitors view over 15 adverts every second
  • A plastic two and-a-half foot donkey, a papier mache moose head and a Tuk Tuk autorickshaw are just a few examples of the weird and wonderful items that are regularly advertised on Preloved

Second Hand Story Suggestions

Looking for unusual and quirky content and contacts for story ideas? You're in the right place. All human life is on Preloved - from Aston Martins to zithers. (We recently listed a two and-a-half foot high plastic donkey for sale.)

How about these as a starter for ten:

  • How to set up home on a budget - from furniture to complete kitchens, DIY tools to garden sheds
  • Preloved wedding dresses - How to look like a princess without paying a king's ransom
  • Go retro and get vintage value with some cash-saving, second hand, chi-chi styles
  • An antique lovers' treasure trove - from Alvar Aalto to, bone China and Chippendale!
  • Kitting the kids kitted out for school for less
  • Get Set for Summer Savings- From camping and cycles, to sports cars and sailing
  • Great ways to recycle unwanted Christmas and birthday presents, turning them into cash
  • Top money-saving sites - Preloved is the UK's most passionate second hand website

Preloved Case Studies

Angela Beebee lives in Rugeley, Staffordshire and has been a member of Preloved since April 2009. As a regular user of Preloved, in the last two years she has placed over 100 adverts on the site, selling everything from a kettle, rice steamer and cycle carrier, to camping equipment, a dishwasher and Volvo estate car. [more...]

Contact us and we'll help find a case study to supplement your story.

Recent Press Releases

Download our latest press releases below:

18 May 2022 Preloved Bans The Sale Of Exotic Animals
3 Oct 2021 Preloved In Partnership With TrustAp
13 Jan 2021 COVID-19 Update: The Buying & Selling Of Dogs During Lockdown
24 Mar 2020 COVID-19 Update: Face to Face Transactions with Preloved
7 Jun 2018 Celebrating Preloved's 20th Birthday
18 Apr 2018 Preloved Celebrates the Sixth Annual National Second Hand Day
8 Apr 2016 Preloved Combat Waste Crisis in an Engaging Upcycling Event
8 Jan 2016 Preloved Launches UK's Biggest Unwanted Gift swap
4 Nov 2015 Preloved Launches Highly Anticipated Free Android App
10 Aug 2015 UK's First National Restoration Day Launched by Preloved
30 Jun 2015 Preloved Proud to Support Oxfam
7 May 2015 Preloved Releases Free Marketplace App for iOS
30 Apr 2015 Preloved Excitement Over National Second Hand Day
31 Mar 2015 Preloved Teams With AnyVan To Improve Shopping Experience For Members
2 Apr 2015 Preloved Puts Pet Advice at People's Fingertips
28 May 2015 Preloved Bans The Sale of Ivory
16 Mar 2015 Preloved Makes a Key Partnership to Increase Buyer and Seller Opportunities
1 Dec 2014 British Classifieds Site Preloved Rebrands After Sixteen Years
1 Sep 2014 Preloved Expresses Its Love of Dogs
21 Aug 2014 Preloved Partners with Classified Job Site Adzuna
29 Sep 2014 Preloved Proud To Announce They Meet PAAG Industry Standards
9 Jun 2014 Preloved Celebrates Its 16th Birthday
13 May 2014 Preloved Makes Plans to Donate to Leading Animal Welfare Charity
24 Apr 2014 Preloved Celebrates Its Annual National Secondhand Day
7 Jan 2014 UK Puts Secondhand Shopping First
5 Sep 2013 Preloved Welcomes Pet Watchdog's Advertising Standards
11 Apr 2013 UK's First National Secondhand Day Launched by Preloved
10 Apr 2013 Liberace's Gold Cadillac For Sale on Preloved
2 Apr 2013 Time Travel to Bag Best Bargains on Preloved
13 Nov 2012 Apple iMac Makes Purrfect Pad for iPussy
28 Feb 2012 Double Decker Detached Des Res For Sale
14 Mar 2012 Heard the one about the comic who sold all his joke books?

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For all press enquiries, please contact us via email

Remember to follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook for all the first-hand second hand news!


Get In Touch

For all press enquiries, please contact us via email

Remember to follow us on Twitter and 'Like' us on Facebook for all the first-hand second hand news!

"Preloved is a great site to advertise on for a total of £5 per year ! No listing fees n no final value!!! Spread the word! eBay is such a rip off! It's even started adding 10% charge to what sellers put on as their postage!!x"
I rehomed a Cavlier King Charles. I'm so thrilled not just by the dog itself but more the generosity of a loving pet owner to drive so far to make sure his beloved pet was in a loving home.

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