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Nigel 67
Apr 2018
By Email

Thank you Preloved. Sold child's cougar electric scooter to nice lady who came all the way from Blackpool to purchase item. Thanks again.

Nov 2017
By Email

We are the people who bought the Clumber Spaniel called Jasmine who arrived yesterday. Absolutely gorgeous. Thanks for your part in finding her for us. She's just what we wanted and will be a perfect companion for Hannah our Golden Retriever.

By Email

I would love to say a huge heartfelt "Thankyou" to Tom who passed on a wheelchair, not only fantastic condition, but useful and comfortable, and my friend who desperately needs one so I can spoil him when I take him out so just wanted to say a huge THANKS to Tom!

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I got myself a free lovely baby monitor. Thank you very much, this world's still got people who aren't motivated by money. Very kind indeed.

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Just to say, I am delighted with my first sale. You have a very efficient site and I congratulate you on this. Thank you.

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I bought a Motability scooter from a lady called Angie she met me half way we tried to get it into my car but it wouldn't go so she took it to my home for me I am very grateful to her and her 10year old daughter.

By Email

I rehomed a Cavlier King Charles. I'm so thrilled not just by the dog itself but more the generosity of a loving pet owner to drive so far to make sure his beloved pet was in a loving home.

By Email

Thank you to the nice lady Jean who gave away her corner display,I will make sure I take good care of it!What a nice gesture !

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I did not want to buy one of the newer versions of Kindle and was so upset my old one broke. I searched everywhere but no luck then came across Preloved. It was so easy! And the seller was lovely, told me when he sent it and gave me a tracking number, and it arrived safe and it was exactly as he described. One very happy customer!!!

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Many grateful thanks to Sam for the free bed and bedding! I wish you a great Xmas and a fantastic new year xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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I just wish to thank you. I have bought a very nice caravan from one of your adverts. I think it is a great site, and well worth £5 per year!

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Huge thanks to Grant who was so kind and sweet and who allowed me the tiniest external glimpse of his stunning home whilst giving me the most beautiful and working heater. Many, many thanks Grant, you are a star!

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"I found a lovely home for a cat whose owner had died via your website and wanted to show my appreciation"

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"Having a look at the free ads and saw an ad for a pair of trio spotlights [& spare bulbs] which looked identical to mine [one of which is broken.] Contacted the person and agreed mutual pick up . So pleased with the item that i told him i would be making a donation to charity".

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"I placed my advert on Preloved on Saturday to sell my trailer tent and by Monday morning it had sold and had been taken. BRILLIANT! Thank you!"

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"Thanks Preloved, I got a fantastic outdoor table and chairs from one of your sellers for way lower than I would have new. We used Anyvan to deliver it as recommend by you and it was great. Was slightly too far for us to collect ourselves but the van driver was very helpful...he even paid the seller in cash on our behalf which was great!"

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"No interesting or quirky story, just wanted to say that I have had conversations with (and met) some lovely people via preloved."

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"Only joined this site last Sunday and have already sold £500-00 worth of items! Marvellous site! Thank you!"

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"Wanted to say THANK YOU to all these people that give away items in FREELOVED. You might not know the great thing you are doing. You are giving something you don't need anymore but are are giving someone the opportunity to do something good with it. Even to improve their own lives having this item. So THANK YOU! I mean it. Thank you. You are a great person."

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"I would like to say a big thank you to the kind gentleman (Maurice) who has offered me his German Dictionaries. I belong to the Leeds Lions (We raise money for good causes) and have just welcomed some disabled and disadvantaged children from Germany (In an exchange - as we send our disabled children there for a weeks holiday). This dictionary will help me with my German when the next exchange comes up. Thank you. Caroline"

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