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Date: 8 April 2016


Preloved Combat Waste Crisis in an Engaging Upcycling Event

On the 20th April 2016, Preloved are holding their first Liverpool-based upcycling event. The event is aimed at students and Preloved members in the local area, and is designed to increase awareness of the advantages of upcycling and reusing second hand materials. 

The event is in collaboration with Project UP – a charity which aims to provide training to young people, allowing them to gain invaluable skills. The director of Project UP, Jon Hutchinson, will lead the workshop-style event and guide the attendees whilst they give tired furniture, textiles and various other items a new lease of life.

“Second hand isn’t second best”, says Amy Lockley, Preloved’s General Manager. “We live in a society where regularly renewing your home’s furniture is the norm, and this is so harmful to the environment.  We hope that the event will encourage attendees to create something beautiful from second hand materials, and be inspired to continue to upcycle and reuse in everyday life if they don’t already.”

Preloved is looking forward to reaching out to the people of Liverpool as part of this local event, and inspiring them to choose second hand over brand new in all aspects of consumer culture, not just their choice of furniture. There is an EU target for the UK to recycle at least 50% of household waste by 2020. Glynn Stevenson from Mersey Waste said that “Merseyside recycling rate for 2014-15 was 42% (household waste). Most of the rest was landfilled. Household waste generated in Merseyside is in the region of 700,000 – 800,000 tonnes per annum”.

The event will take place on 20th April at The City of Liverpool College, and it’s free to attend. All those interested must sign up on the Eventbrite event page.

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For further information, please contact us via email

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