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Date: 1 September 2014


Preloved Expresses Its Love of Dogs

Preloved is one of the largest classifed ad sites in the UK, and as a result there have been 308,000 pets advertised on the site in 2014 so far. Pet adverts make up 44% of the overall advert listings. Preloved is passionate about animal welfare and wants to ensure every pet rehomed via the site finds a forever home.

Preloved works with relevant animal charities and businesses to ensure all animal welfare information provided on the site is up to date and informative for its members and visitors. The Preloved team also monitors 100% of all animal ads as part of its Preloved Pet Pledge. The classifed ad site is looking forward to continuing to tighten its animal welfare regulations, and increase the amount of useful pet information and interaction on site including in depth dog breed guides, live Vet Q&A sessions and Preloved community surveys.

More than 127,000 of the pet adverts sumbitted on Preloved were for dogs - that's a whopping 42% of the entire pets category. Preloved therefore recognises the importance of creating dog related information and conducted its first live Vet Q&A session back in May 2014 where subjects relating to dog health were discussed with qualified vets from consumer partner MedicAnimal. The second Q&A session is due to go live during September and will be all about cats. During August 2014, Preloved invited members and visitors to take part in a dog related survey. Over 2,300 people took part in the survey and Preloved has created a dog related infographic to represent the most intriguing findings.

Preloved Dog infographic


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For buying or selling second hand, Preloved is the UK's destination website. Preloved also has the largest amount of pets, horses and livestock advert listings in the UK. It also recently launched a fee-free property service to disrupt the property market to deliver value for users.

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