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Yemens Chameleon: Females £55.00 Males £65.00
CB Baby Blue Tongue Skinks £
Helmeted Iguanas (Corytophanes cristatus) £750.00 a pair
Timor Monitor £
Adult Proven Trio Rankins Dragons £ Please Ask
CB Juvenile Blue Tree Monitor £1250.00
Green Tree Monitor £750.00
Male Patternless Tokay Gecko £165.00ea
Normal Tokay Geckos £39.95ea
Adult Male Rankins £85.00
Female Scaleless Bearded Dragons £295.00 each
Male Hypo Leatherback Witblitz 66% pos Het Translucent £345.00
Baby Argus Monitors £185.00 each
Baby Crested Geckos (Various Morphs) £55.00 and up
Baby Leopard Geckos (various morphs) £45.00 and up
Baby Rankins Dragons £75.00 each
Pygmy Panther Geckos £39.95 each
Blue Iguana £175.00
Red Iguanas £95.00 each
Casqueheaded Iguanas £ Please Ask
Pictus Geckos £39.95 each
Baby Argentinian Black and White Tegu £375.00
Jungle Runners £39.95 each
Water Dragons £45.00 each
Wonder Geckos £55.00 each
Mountain Horned Dragons
Red Eye Crocodile Skinks £105.00ea or £200.00pr
Muddy Eye Crocodile Skinks £95.00ea or £180.00pr
Peters Banded Skink £125.00
Adult Male Ackie £
Juvenile Red Ackies £225.00ea
Baby Bearded Dragons £49.95ea
Madagascan Velvet Geckos £39.95ea

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No - this species does not require an Article 10 certificate