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We stock a wide variation of bird seed, suitable for wild birds and caged birds. Some seed available in small or bulk bags.
Seed available:
*Nigerseed £29.99
*Soak seed £20.00
*Hemp £24.50
*Grass parakeet/lovebird £19.99
*Premium canary and biscuit £21.00
*Plain canary £18.95
*British finch £21.50
*Parrot mix £16.50
*Parrot mix and fruit £21.00
*Best budgie £18.80
*Special budgie £18.00
*Foreign finch £17.99
*Green finch mix £25.00
*Goldfinch and siskin £25.00
*Budgie tonic £18.00
*Budgie with vitamin and mineral pellets £22.00
*Canary with vitamins and minerals £23.00
*Bullfinch mix £28.00
Best pets:
*Robin and songbird £18.49
*Parrot mix £25.99
*Cockatiel £19.99
*Mixed canary £23.99
*Foreign finch £19.99
*Special budgie £19.99
*50/50 budgie £22.99
*Peanuts in shell £38.00
*Black sunflower seed £13.50
*Large striped sunflower seed £14.50
*Striped sunflower seed £14.50
*Sunflower hearts £21.00
*Wild bird seed £11.99
*Premium wild bird seed £14.99
*Peanuts 25kg £45.00
Versele-lage available to order only
We also stock bulk bags of pigeon feed and grit including Hormoform.
Suppliments include pigeon tonic, minerals, harkers coxoid, harkers liquid wormer etc.
Bedding available:
*woodchip £8.95 *dry bird £10.99
Please email your needs of prices.

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