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Livestock list
we stock a huge range of reptiles, birds, parrots, rodents and exotics. Including a large range of vivariums, housing, live food,
frozen food and accessories. We are a family run business and pride ourselves on the quality of all our stock, sourcing animals from breeders throughout the eu.

Cb17 male and female Brazilian rainbow boas £125
Cb17 common boas £50
Cb17 female central american dwarf boas £60
Cb17 male motley central american dwarf boa £90
Cb17 male sand boa £50

Ball Pythons

Cb17 females
Ghi mojave £325
Pastel £60
Pastel spectre £165
Normal £50
Pastave £145
Banana £550
Albino enchi £295
Lavender albino £295

Cb17 males
Black coral glow £295
Phantom potion £295
Banana pastel £200
Super phantom £250
Coral glow pinstripe £295
Banana £175
Super pastel £145
Butter £65
Pastel £60
Normal £50

Woma pastel £100
Ivory £250
Hidden gene woma granite ghost £170
Cinna bee £100
Pastel butter genetic stripe £300

High white pied £395
Spied (spider pied) £295
Savannah £170
Black pastel het albino £100
Crystal £250
Vanilla scream £230
Pastave £100
Dragonfly £220
Albino £200
Super mojave blue eyed leusistic £320
Toffino £200
King spinner fire £220
Bumblebee yellow belly £160
Pastel enchi £65

Desert cinnamon £125

Kings & Milks

Cb16 male ghost Honduran milk snake £65
Cb17 sonoran mountain king snake £70

Other pythons

Cb17 normal het green male burmese pythons £70
Cb17 male & female albino male burmese pythons £100
Cb17 male hypo granite pos het albino burmese python £150
Cb17 female granite burmese python £130
Cb17 male and female 75% super dwarf tiger reticulated pythons £300
Ltc15 female aru green tree python £450

Other Snakes

Cb17 male and female hognose £50
Cb16 female anaconda hognose £100
Cb17 male red tail racers £125
Cb17 corn snakes, carolina, amel, snow £20

Exotic Mammals

Baby male & female African pygmy hedgehogs £135

Fluffy Pets

Syrian hamsters £10
Hooded rats £25 pair
Blue rats £28 pair
Naked rats £30 pair
Skinnypigs from £150 pair

Hand Reared Birds & Parrots


Currently available
Creamino blue quaker £250 with free cage

Pet Birds

Baby Budgies £25
Fife canaries £22 or 2 for £40
Red factor canaries £30


Cb16 leopard tortoise £150
Cb17 sulcata tortoise £150
Cb16 sulcata tortoise £150
Cb15 sulcata tortoise £185
cb16 herman tortoise (microchipped with a10 papers) £120
Cb16 Marginated tortoise ( microchipped with a10 papers) £130
Cf16 horsefield tortoise £70 or £60 when purchased alongside a complete kit
Cb17 indian star tortoise £280



All sizes are body length. All scorpions are unsexed.

Bothriurus keyserlingi (Chocolate scorpion) 3-4cm £10
Caraboctonus sp "North" (Northern scrub scorpion) 3-4cm £10
Heterometrus cyaneus (asian blue forest scorpion) cb17 babies £10
Heterometrus spinifer (Asian forest scorpion) 1-2" £15.99
Sminigerus mesaensis (Dune scorpion) 2” £15
Vaejovis spinigerus (Stripe tail scorpion) 2” £16
Hadrurus arizonensis (Desert hairy scorpion) 3” £35


All sizes are are diagonal leg span. All are unsexed unless stated otherwise.

Sub Adult / Adult

Avicularia avicularia (aka sp "guyana") (Guyana pink toe) 2-4" £25
Cyriopagopus lividus (ex Haplopelma) (Cobalt blue earth tiger) 4"+ £36, Adult female £65
Gramastola sp "North" (Northern gold) 4"+ £39.99
Hystrocrates sp "Cameroon" (Cameroon red baboon) 6"+ Female £30
Aphonopelma chalcodes (Desert blond) 5” £42
Megaphobema robustum (Columbian giant) 4-5” £40
Brachypelma homorii (ex B.smithi) 4”+ FEMALE £60


Acanthoscurria geniculata (Giant white knee) 2.5” £23, 3" £25.99, 4” FEMALE £40
Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly hair tarantula) 3-4” £18-£20
Caribena versicolor (ex avicularia) Martinique pinktoe) 2” £40
Chilobrachys fimbriatus (Indian violet) 2.5-3” £20
Chilobrachys sp. “Kaeng Krachan” (Dark earthtiger) 2.5” £12
Chilobrachys sp. “Nong ya plong” (Lavender earthtiger) 2.5” £15
Chromatopelma cyaneopubesens (Green bottle blue) 3” £40
Davus pentaloris (Costa Rican tiger rump) 2.5” £25
Lasiadora parahybana (Salmon pink birdeater) 2.5-3" £17
Gramastola pulchra (Brazillian black) 5cm £45
Neoholothele incei (ex Holothele) (Trinidad olive) 2” £15
Neoholothele incei “Gold” (Trinidad olive gold) 2” £17
Nhandu chromatus (White striped birdeater) 3”+ £26
Nhandu coloratovillosus (Black and white birdeater) 3” £26
Poecilotheria fasciata (Sri Lankan ornamental) 4" £29.99
Poecilotheria metallica (Gooty sapphire ornamental) 2-3” £40-£50
Psalmopoeus reduncus (Costa Rican orange mouth) 2” £25


Caribena versicolor (ex Avicularia versicolor) (Martinique pink toe) 2.5cm-5cm £20-£40
Brachypelma albopilosum (Curly hair tarantula) 3cm £9.99
Chromatopelma cyaneopubesens (Green bottle blue) 3.5cm £15
Chilobrachys sp. “Penang” (Penang pink earthtiger) 2.5cm £6
Brachypelma emilia (Mexican red leg) 2cm £12.99
Brachypelma homorii (ex B.smithi) (Mexican red knee) 2cm £12.99, 3cm £15
Gramastola pulchra (Brazilian black tarantula) 5cm £45
Gramastola rosea (Chile rose) 2-2.5cm £9.99
Heteroscoda maculata (Togo starburst) 1cm £7
Phormictopus cancerides (Haitian brown bird eater) 5cm £7.99
Poecilotheria metallica (Gooty sapphire ornamental) 2-3” £40-£50


Hogna miami (Miami wolf spider) 3” £15


Akymnopellis chilensis (Chile blue centipede) 4-5" £40


Anadenobolus monilicornis (Bumblebee millipede) £7
Chicobolus spinigerus (Ivory millipedes) £10
Tonkinbolus dolfusi (Rainbow millipedes) £10
Orange pointy tail millipedes £18
Giant african train millipedes £20
Aphistogoniulus polleni (Madagascar ringed millipedes) £18
Orthroporus ornatus (Giant gold millipedes) £15
Odontostreptus sp. (Cameroon pink banded millipedes) £35 or 2 for £60


Hymenopus coronatus (orchid mantis) £25
Phyllocrania paradoxa (ghost mantis) £20, ADULT £15
Hierodula membranacea (Giant Asian mantis) £15
Hierodula patellifera (Indochichina mantis) £18
Miomantis paycullii (Indian mantis) £15
Sphodromantis gastrica (African mantis) £15
Rhombodera extensicollis (Giant shield mantis) £15
Pseudempusa (Pinnapavonis (Peacock mantis) £15


Eurycantha calcarata (New Guinea spiny stick insects) XL £7
Eurycantha insularis (Oil palm stick insects) XL £7
Aretaon asperrimus (Thorny stick insects) £5
Peruphasma schultei (Black beauty stick insects) £5
Phyllium giganteum (PSG72- Giant leaf insects) £15
Phyllium philippinicum (PSG278- Leaf insect) £10
Bacillus rossius (Corsician stick insects) £3


Smaragdesthes sp (green jewel flower beetles) £5
Diloboderus abderus £35
C.hornimani (cameroon flower beetle) £5
Mecynorrhina harrisi harrisi £15
Dynastes hercules £30
Trypoxylus dichotoma £12
Xylotrupes gideon sumatrensis £12
Dynastes tityus £15


Giant west african land snails (achatina marginata) XL ADULTS £25 or 2 for £40
Giant african land snails (achatina fulica) SUB ADULTS £12
Cb17 Plurodate isabella sp. “barbados” £8
Cb17 giant west african land snails (achatina marginata) £8
Cb17 achatina fulica £3


Adult red eyed tree frogs £40
Cb17 milk frogs £18
Cb17 mossy frogs £45
Cb17 green horned frog £30
Cb17 lime green horned frog £40
Worm salamanders £35
Marbled newt £15
Cb17 Borneo eared frogs £18
Phyllobates vittatus 0.0.3 £130
Dendrobates auratus campana 0.0.2 £100
XXL whites tree frog £40


Cb17 baby bearded dragons £40-£80
Cb17 rankin dragons £50
Male Banana split lizards (japalura splendida) £50
Cb17 ornate uromastyx £225
1.1 pricklenape agama (acanthosaura armata) £150 pair


Cb17 male Yemen chameleons £50
Cb17 female Yemen chameleons £50
cb17 male pied yemens £70
Cb17 male ambilobe panther chameleons £195 (panther 6)
Cb17 male nosy be panther chameleons £195 (panther 5)
Cb17 ambanja blue panther chameleon £250 (panther 2)
Cb17 ambilobe blue bar panther chameleon (panther 3)
Cb17 male ambilobe panther chameleons £280 (panther 1)
Cb17 male ambanja blue panther chameleon £250 (panther 4)
Cb17 baby female ambilobe panther chameleons £65


Cb16/17 mixed morph leopard geckos £40
Cb17 juvenile crested geckos £30
Cb17 baby crested geckos- lily line £45
Cb17 gargoyle geckos £70
Cb16 male viper gecko £30
Dune geckos (stenodactylus petrii) £15
Cb15 Male knob tail geckos (nephurus wheelerii) £80
Cb16 male leaf tail gecko (uroplatus sikorae) £250


cb17 black and white tegus £265
Cb17 high white black and white tegus £285
Cb17 grown on high white black and white tegu £295
Cb17 red tegu £325
Cf17 bosc monitors £45
Cf17 white throat monitors £275

Other Lizards
Cb17 merauke blue tongue skinks £180
Cb15 blue tongue skink £185 (presumed male)
Cb17 green iguanas £25

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