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Sold to a lovely family home, thank you for all the enquiries.
Pick of the litter. The rarest of all the colours. This puppy girl is the darkest of all the red variations, with glossy mahogany waves.
Passed her vet check and has here first vaccination and microchip and is ready to go.
The health of your puppy, who will be joining your family, is of upmost importance. Our puppies will be genetically unable to inherit PRA, Familial Nephropathy or Von Willebrand disease type 1 (vWD 1). These are all disease that affect the Cocker-spaniel and/or Poodle breed, thus all Cockapoos/Sprockapoos are at risk.
The temperament of your puppy is also crucial for the wellbeing of your family.
Our puppies are born and brought up in the home so they are accustomed to household noises and general activities. For the first three weeks they are in a quiet room and monitored carefully, after three weeks of age they move into a larger area and gradually begin to experience new noises, different people, being handled, cuddled, groomed, bathed and new toys are introduced. The puppies also begin to be weaned at this age.
By the age of 6 weeks the puppies are independent enough to eat solid food, interact with humans, drink water, run around and generally get into mischief.
Our puppies experience an excellent early few weeks of their lives, ready to prepare them for a good quality lives with owners who will love them back.
As a result our dogs will expect regular human interaction, walks off the lead for at least 30 minuets every day and regular grooming. Therefore, we do not allow our dogs to go to homes where their owners will be out all day (including full time working) as this would be a very lonely and boring life for our intelligent, loving pups. We are looking for puppy owners who are seeking a new puppy to join and become a part of their family life.
The mother is an f1b golden Spoodle, 15inches tall to the shoulder, optigen PRA tested clear, much-loved member of our family and her needs always come first. She was an excellent mother to nine healthy puppies in her previous litter and we had the all clear to allow her to have another litter.
We also own her mother and you will be able to meet both mother and grandmother of your puppy when you come to visit.
The father is a deep red Cockapoo, 17inches tall to the shoulder and is DNA tested; PRA, Familial Nephropathy and Von Willebrand disease type 1 (vWD 1) , clear. As a result the puppies will no be affected by these genetic diseases.
He is very friendly, good with children and other dogs and we are delighted to have found such a good-tempered father for Tedii's next litter.
He is the father of Tedii’s previous litter, (the dogs in the photos) and so we have high expectations for another amazing litter.
Your puppy will come home to you with;
1) their first vaccination
2) microchip
3) A copy of all of the fathers DNA test results
4) Family tree from both the mother and fathers side (including over 35 Champions in their line ((a mixture of show and field trial champions))
5) vet check
6) 4 week free insurance with petplan
If you are looking for a healthy, happy puppy to join your family and believe you would be able to provide a loving home then please feel free to contact me. Likewise if you have any question, please get in touch and I will answer them the best that I can.
I also have many, many more photos (the 256 I have placed online here are not all actually showing up in the advert) so if you wish to see more photos of previous litters (as pups or now as adults or more photos of mum and dad then I will be happy to send them to you.
You are welcome to contact an owner of one of Tedii's previous puppies to provide a reference. We also have a Facebook account called 'Tedii-sunny Murton' there are even more photos on here and posts from previous owners if you are interested in taking a look;
I look forward to hearing from you,
Islay and Iona
£1700 for a female- all sold
£1500 for a male- all sold
Deep Mahogany Red £2000 -one left

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