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Selling off my age-old Pokemon card collection! Included are a host of rare cards, including promos, Lv X's and EX cards. These cards are a mixture of older and newer sets which represent my collecting taste over the years - the oldest card being my first ever holo card pull in a base set Raichu, to my newest cards from some of of the recent X and Y sets. Listed below are the rarest cards and the condition they are in (PLEASE NOTE: Cards are being sold as seen. My price on these is VERY reasonable and these cards could have great resale value. This is an absolute bargain!) note that there are many more cards included than shown in the photos - I can only upload 3 at a time!
* Rayquaza Holo from EX delta species - NMC (near mint)
* Rayquaza Holo from supreme victors, NMC
* Rayquaza C lv. X from supreme victors, NMC (worth around £10, NOT the promo card)
* Charizard G lv.X DP45 promo, NMC (worth about £12-15)
* Staraptor FB lv.X NMC
* Ancient Mew GC (slight nick on one side, thus good condition as opposed to near mint or very good)
* Reshiram EX BW36 Promo, NMC
* Zekrom EX BW38
Promo, NMC
* Yanmega Prime NMC
* Blissey Prime NMC
* Meganium Prime NMC
* Feraligatr Prime promo HGSS07 NMC
* Typhlosion Prime promo HGSS09 NMC
* Flareon holo from EX delta species #5/113 NMC
* Zapdos holo from a BW set NMC
* Hydreigon Holo from a BW set NMC
* Pikachu holo reprint from Rising rivals X 2 (worth £4-6 each)
* Koga's ditto - good condition
* Dark Arbok holo - reasonable condition
* Base set holo zapdos - reasonable condition
* Dark Dragonite - damaged, not terrible condition but not reasonable either
* Victreebel holo from jungle - reasonable condition, scratched
* Raichu base set holo - some damage, not too extensive. I got this card when I was about 9 years old, 17 years ago!
* Magneton holo from base set 2 - decent
* Aerodactyl holo from fossil - reasonable
* Dark Weezing holo - decent
* Dark Machamp - decent
* Poliwrath from base set 2 - decent
* Magneton holo from fossil - reasonable
* Relicanth shiny holo ultra rare - NMC
* Riolu promo BW33 - NMC
* Zekrom promo BW005 X 2 NMC
* Shiny Yanma ultra rare NMC
* Lugia legend bottom half NMC WORTH £10-12
* Ho-Oh legend top half NMC WORTH £8-10
* Electabuzz WB promo in poor condition - restoration project?
* Another ancient Mew NMC
* Dark Golbat Holo, reasonable - has a small crease.
* Meowth holo promo no. 10 in pretty good condition (no idea where this one even came from!)
*Reuniclus Shiny Holo ultra rare NMC
* Raichu holo from a Next Destinies promo pack (not a rare, just holo)
* Rayquaza EX promo BW47
* Dark Charizard non-holo in need of some TLC
* Aggron EX from primal clash NMC
* Teammates full art supporter card ultra rare NMC
* Florges EX from Phantom Forces NMC
* Ditto promo XY40 NMC
* Rayquaza EX from Roaring Skies NMC
* Blaziken EX promo XY54 NMC
* Gardevoir EX from Primal Clash NMC
* Mewtwo EX from legendary treasures NMC
* Kyurem EX from legendary treasures NMC
* Mew EX full art X 2 from legendary treasures NMC
* Kangaskhan EX from flashfire NMC
* Meloetta EX from legendary treasures NMC
* Lugia EX from Legendary treasures NMC
* !!! Yveltal EX FULL ART !!! NMC worth £12 - 15
* Charizard EX XY17 promo NMC
And a large host of many more rare cards, holos and reverse holos! The combined resale of this folder is well above the asking price, but I think this set would make a great one-off present to someone getting into the Pokemon fandom. PLEASE NOTE:
* Local delivery only - I can meet you in my general area (no more than 1.5 miles) or you can come and pick them up.
* I will not sell the cards individually under any circumstances. Please don't waste my time by trying.
* Do not try and get me down on the price toooo much or it will just waste both our time - £40 is very fair and the cards are worth a lot more in resale value.
* CASH IN HAND!!! :)
If you want to buy and you live in Plymouth and wish to meet up, around city center or Drake's Circus shopping center is where any transactions will take place.

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